On Monday, Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus absolutely dominated the 400 meters womens' freestyle, defeating her major competition of American Katie Ledecky. It was a historic moment - but there was one thing that had everyone

Ariarne's coach Dean Boxall's celebration was a true moment of Olympic beauty. Unable to contain his excitement upon seeing his prodigy achieve her dreams, he went absolutely wild. He first ripped off his mask, then ran around the spectator gallery, punching the air and partaking in some rather extraordinary hip thrusts.

Ariarne had her own celebration by the poolside, as those surrounding her congratulated her on her impressive victory - but it's safe to say the eyes of the crowd were drawn to her coach, instead. "Yeah, I lost it," he told reporters from Reuters. "I think I went outside of my body. I just lost it. I've been with this girl 5 years, you know, having a dream together."

It seems some Americans were concerned Boxall's display was in poor taste - but these potential criticisms didn't phase him. Americans might not like it, I don't know, but they jump around as much as me ... I can't help it. I just don't turn off and that's probably why I let it out."

Asked for who inspired the exuberant celebration, Boxall explained it was his own personal spin on what his childhood hero, American wrestler "The Ultimate Warrior", used to do to the ring. Honestly, we kind of see the resemblance!

Reuters also asked Boxall about his personal critique of Ariarne's race - and he was bursting with praise. "She's pretty grounded. She came up to me, I think I was more emotional than her. She's basically saying 'you need to settle down'... She's calm. She's unbelievable, She's just the most humble girl, she's a beautiful kid."

And it seems the feeling is mutual. Ariarne was full of praise for her coach, saying: "He means everything to me. We didn't discuss what I wanted to do in the pool. It was more of a 'have fun' moment. I love you. Have fun."

She even posted an Instagram tribute with the caption, "I couldn't do it without you, my friend. This man is not only my coach but my rock and greatest support. I feel very blessed to have shared these moments today, ones that I will never forget." Aww!

And as for whether Ariarne has seen the iconic reaction yet? "I have seen little snippets of it," she said. "That's just the way Dean is, he is just passionate about what he does, he becomes so animated. For him as much as it is for me. He puts 100 percent into being a swimming coach."

Congratulations, Ariarne!