Shocking videos of armed Taliban members enjoying amusement park rides have gone viral while at the same time, thousands of citizens swarm Kabul airport to escape the takeover of Afghanistan.

In one video that went viral on Twitter, Taliban soldiers can be seen driving bumper cars while still clutching their guns.

In another video posted by Mediavenir, insurgents were filmed riding on a merry-go-round.

Freelance journalist Asaad Hanna also shared footage showing Taliban soldiers having the time of their lives bouncing on a trampoline.

Yet another video depicts Taliban soldiers using the presidential palace gym equipment.

The footage has gone viral online due to the stark contrast of devastation Afghani families are going through at this time as the Taliban take control of the country.

Their terror has been documented across social media, with many videos revealing roads out of Kabul in a total standstill and overcrowded airports as people try their best to leave the war-torn country.

Video footage shows crowds of Afghanis clambering onto departing aircrafts, with some even falling off mid-air in an attempt to escape.

And people can't believe what they're seeing...

One Facebook user wrote: "They shouldn't enjoy all these cos they're products of western civilization which they despise. And no women are allowed these rides under their rules I guess. Such hypocrisy."

While another commented: "If a trillion dollars might have been spent on education, development, the infrastructure you might have seen kids enjoying these cars, not Taliban, but this much amount was spent in creating havoc, now let them have fun and see what is development."

A third wrote: "They never lived a normal life as a child mislead and now they are letting the inner kid enjoy what they missed back then. Like freeing zoo animals to the wild."

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However, another said: "America went to Afghanistan for REVENGE after September 11th, remember ... not for development or human rights, you have a very bad memory. You are lying to yourselves but the whole world sees the truth, wipes crocodile tears, and learns lessons."

The extremist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 until U.S. forces stormed the country following the September 11 attacks.

According to Foreign Policy, nearly $83 billion in training has been given by the U.S. to Afghanistan's security forces to defend against a Taliban incursion.

Despite all the money and resources given over the last twenty years, the Taliban swarmed Afghanistan's capital Kabul last weekend, following the evacuation of American and British troops from the country. After which, the Taliban declared that the "war is over" in Afghanistan.

On Monday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fleed the country, and the Taliban soon took over the presidential palace.