TV Star Chris Hansen has been issued an arrest warrant in Michigan after he failed to appear in court on Thursday.

Hansen had allegedly ignored subpoena authorities involving a police sting operation that was conducted in October last year, for which he was called to testify.

WLNS reported that the sting operation included 3 people being arrested "after showing up to a hotel to hook up with somebody that they shouldn't have. All the suspects were unknowingly speaking with an officer online."

It is believed Hansen was trying to lure in men who were interested in meeting up with underage girls.

Hansen took to Instagram late on Thursday night to explain that the somewhat embarrassing situation was the result of a "miscommunication" about a hearing he was supposed to attend.

"Defense lawyers for accused predator Michael Lott had requested video from the investigation... The matter is currently being resolved!" Hansen wrote.

The investigation ended in the arrest of 3 men who had allegedly arranged to meet up with underage girls in exchange for sex.

While some people were grateful to Chris for "helping society" and were commenting on his Instagram post with their gratification, others told him to just "take a seat."

Now, Chris Hansen is a well-known TV personality and journalist here in the U.S and he is best known for his YouTube segment To Catch a Predator, which consists of catching potential Internet sex predators by using a Sting operation.

More recently, he's been focusing on his health and fitness with "super-trainer" Robert Brace while also continuing to "catch predators."

But, some YouTube personalities think that Chris's time under the spotlight has come to its end and his "predator catching" operations have been taken a step too far.

One Youtuber said: "It seems like Chris can't keep his life together. He's just. a burned-out celebrity trying to hang on."

Maybe it's best to leave the predator hunting to the professionals, Chris!

What do you think about Chris Hansen? Do you think he needs to take a seat or do you value his work?