Xi Ding is a caricature and face design specialist in Austria, and he creates the most amazing art.

Seriously, the man's work is impeccable. His focus is on pop culture, and he's done drawings of everything from Stranger Things characters to Game of Thrones. Lately, however, he's been doing Marvel characters. Lots of them. Take a look.

1. Dr. Strange

That red cape, the impeccable hair, the white streak. It's the good doctor himself in all his saturnine glory. Enjoy!

2. Thor

That lightning, that thunder, that eyepatch! The god of thunder never looked so good. But that's not the only Thor in the collection.

3. Thor

Here's original Thor with the full-on beard and rolling clouds behind him. The only thing we're missing now is his trusty hammer.

4. Captain America

This is a more somber Captain America than we're typically used to seeing. Looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. Probably because of all those problems with those pesky infinity stones...

5. Groot

Is there a Marvel character we love more than Groot? Particularly when he's in Baby Groot form trying to kick butt and take names.

6. Star-Lord

Here is Star-Lord, AKA Peter Quill at his eyebrow arching Star-Lordiest. He looks sort of smug, don't you think?

7. Gamora

Gamora is a very kick-ass character, and in this picture, she looks like she just turned back towards an enemy and delivered one last warning.

8. Mantis

We've always loved Mantis. So sweet, so innocent, so unexpectedly powerful. Here, she's captured in all her wide-eyed glory.

9. Black Widow

Black Widow always looks ready for action, and this picture perfectly captures her battle spirit.

10. Black Widow

We're more used to seeing Black Widow with red hair, so here's a picture for comparison – red-haired Black Widow and blonde-haired Black Widow.

11. Tony Stark

Iron Man who? That's Mr. Stark to you!

12. Killmonger

Even when Killmonger is in a rage, he has a devilish twinkle in his eyes. Here he is, on the cusp of bringing down the fury to some poor soul.

13. Shuri

One thing we love about Princess Shuri, it's that she's smarter than everybody else and knows it. Here she is reveling in her intelligence.

14. Okoye

Okoye has no time for fools. You can tell by the turn of her lip. The woman always means business.

15. Black Panther

"The power of the Black Panther will now be stripped away." Say what?

16. Loki

Loki has a plan. It involves the betrayal of his brother/enemy Thor. He's waiting for the best time to unleash it upon the world.

17. Nakia

Delicate. Intelligent. Powerful. All words that describe Nakia, as captured in this picture.

18. Killmonger

You want more Killmonger, you say? Well look no further...

19. Spiderman

"Mr. Stark? I don't feel so good..." Are there any words more devastating than Spiderman's words in Avengers: Infinity War?

20. Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a very strange person, and here he is captured in all his unnatural glory. Feast your eyes... Know a Marvel lover? Send them this post!