Artist Creates Super Realistic Pictures of Celebrities Looking Like Ordinary People

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Celebs – they’re just like us! Well, not really – but one Instagram artist is trying to bring them back down the earth with some truly hilarious pictures.

They still look pretty hot…

Serious serial killer vibes.

They do look like mother and daughter!

Finally, the outside reflects the inside!


Mugshot vibes!

In a world without fillers …

She still looks adorable.

Getting a retro feel from this one.

We swear we’ve seen this guy before!

Great perm!

Not the most flattering of expressions…

Again, they somehow still look great!

We can’t imagine she’d be too pleased with this!

That Fenty Beauty makeup is on point!

Making some bold hair choices.

Now that’s a mustache!

Absolutely perfect outfits here.

Those bangs are actually kind of trendy!

We feel like we’ve been in this bar?

This actually doesn’t look dissimilar to her in Footloose! Fancy more celebrity photoshop action? Scroll on – one clever artist has put celebrities next to their younger selves. Kim Kardashian is too cute for words!