Artist Gives Disney Princesses New Dress Designs and the Results Are So Beautiful | 22 Words

An artist has re-imagined our favorite Disney princesses in all-new dresses (with matching accessories, of course) and we're totally living for their beauty...

Everyone wants to be a Disney princess, right?

For many of us, these movie characters represent a particular part of our childhood, which is why they stay so close to our hearts.

But there's one thing, in particular, that we all love...

The Disney Princess dresses are an undeniable part of their appeal. What little girl doesn't dream of wearing a gown like this one day?

And there are plenty to choose from.

Who can pick their favorite? I can't.

And even though our lives aren't as princess-y as theirs are, we can only imagine.

An artist named Martha has re-imagined some of our favorite princesses in all-new dress designs and we're beyond smitten.

Everyone's totally in love with them...

So, obviously, I'm going to take you through them... Enjoy!

10. Mulan (Before)

Mulan (After)

9. Megara (Before)

Megara (After)

8. Esmerelda (Before)

Esmerelda (After)

7. Belle (Before)

Belle (After)

6. Tiana (Before)

Tiana (After)

5. Snow White (Before)

Snow White (After)

4. Jasmine (Before)

Jasmine (After)

3. Aurora (Before)

Aurora (After)

2. Pocahontas (Before)

Pocahontas (After)

1. Cinderella (Before)

Cinderella (After)

Weren't they just amazing?

If you want to see more classic icons re-imagined, then keep scrolling. This one will bring a smile to your face... literally.