Artist Morphs Celebrities' Faces Together to Create Perfect Hybrids | 22 Words

There's no denying we love a celebrity mash-up. We can't resist seeing our favorite stars as we've never seen them before. But the latest Instagram account to take the internet by storm may actually be our favorite yet.

A relatively unknown French student and artist, called Ben, has created a celebrity Instagram account which is truly a thing of beauty. The talented creative takes 2 celebrities and painstakingly blends their faces to create incredibly realistic portraits. Some truly have to be seen to be believed!

We've got a rundown of all of the best morphs. But be warned, the Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump combo may give you nightmares.

90. Emma Stone & Mila Kunis

This one is a true optical illusion!

89. Scarlett Johanssen & Florence Pugh

Pretty cool to see 2 stars of Black Widow as one.

88. Vanessa Hudgens & Zendaya

It's so strange how the 2 faces seem to switch before your very eyes.

87. James Franco & Dylan O'Brien

We never thought these 2 looked alike - until now.

86. Lady Gaga & Billie Eilish

Another incredible combo that somehow looks like both of them at the same time ...?

85. Jennifer Connelly & Winona Ryder

All our '90s dreams are coming true!

84. James Franco & James Dean

A truly excellent crossover episode.

83. Carla Bruni & Bella Hadid

Consider our minds officially blown.

82. Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

Like mother, like daughter!

81. Chris Hemsworth & Sebastian Stan

This one is really freaking us out.

80. Simu Liu & Henry Golding

What a winning smile!

79. Tom Holland & Shawn Mendes

Unlike others on the list, this morph ends up kind of looking like neither of them.

78. Henry Cavill & Tom Welling

Is it just us, or is this fake-guy kinda hot?

77. Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger

The two best Jokers, don't at us.

76. Lily Collins & Jenna Coleman

It's clear Collins has a firm fan in Ben.

75. Idris Elba & Dwayne Johnson

This one gives us a hint of Obama, no?

74. Emma Watson & Barbara Palvin

If Hermione Granger was a Hungarian supermodel.

73. Cillian Murphy & Sam Claflin

Another morph that mysteriously looks like neither of its parts.

72. Jessica Chastain & Sophia Lillis

The most accurate Beverly Marsh out there.

71. Brad Pitt & Kevin Bacon

The 2 come together to mysteriously create Jon Bon Jovi.

70. Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal

It's like baby Spider-Man is all grown up!

69. Hugh Jackman & Taron Egerton

Wolverines, past and future, united in 1 image.

68. Sharon Tate & Margot Robbie

There's no denying this was great casting by the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood team.

67. Lili Reinhart & Amber Heard

We'd never noticed before, but these 2 do look kind of alike!

66. Hailee Steinfeld & Millie Bobby Brown

2 incredibly talented young actresses for the price of 1!

65. Harry Styles & Timothee Chalamet

2 great tastes that taste great together!

64. Amy Adams & Isla Fisher

Everyone says the pair look alike - and now it's official.

63. Boy George & Sophie Turner

... and that's the tea.

62. Dua Lipa & Ariana Grande

This is giving us total Shay Mitchell vibes.

61. David Bowie & Kurt Cobain

We're absolutely loving this vintage morph.

60. Lucy Hale & Kylie Jenner

This morph has more than a hint of Modern Family's Haley Dunphy.

59. Taron Egerton & Richard Madden

Rocketman meets Game of Thrones - with stunning results.

58. Colin Firth & Robert Downey Jr.

It's like a less smug, sarcastic version of Iron Man!

57. Billie Eilish & Scarlett Johanssen

A total stunner - no surprises here.

56. Robert Pattinson & Christian Bale

Equal parts scary and sexy.

55. Megan Fox & Bella Hadid

This is another which seems to switch between the 2 stars.

54. Freddie Mercury & Rami Malek

Again, this proves another casting win in Bohemian Rhapsody.

53. Ed Norton & Brad Pitt

AKA Tyler Durden and nameless narrator. But we don't talk about that.

52. Marilyn Monroe & Britney Spears

We never thought these 2 looked alike - but we totally do now!

51. Camila Mendes & Vanessa Hudgens

We actually can't see the Vanessa in this one.

50. Zac Efron & Kevin Zegers

This is a pair who look super alike.

49. Brie Larson & Gal Gadot

One extremely super morph.

48. Joe & Kevin & Nick Jonas

This Jonas trio is the morph we didn't know we needed.

47. Emma Stone & Amy Adams

Lindsay Lohan? Is that you?

46. Jason Momoa & Chris Hemsworth

The pair come together to form ... Aquathor!

45. Anne Hathaway & Audrey Hepburn

We love these vintage and modern-day mashups.

44. Tom Hardy & James McAvoy

One part bad-boy, one part cutie.

43. Kendall Jenner & Gal Gadot

Can confirm, 2 beautiful faces mix to create another beautiful face.

42. Matt Damon & Brad Pitt

Another '90s dream(boat) come true.

41. Zendaya & Zoe Kravitz

This one is freakily well done.

40. Tom Hardy & Eminem

You can see both of them in there, even though the final result looks like neither.

39. Tobey Maguire & Keanu Reeves

Proof that sometimes morphs end up look a little bit terrifying.

38. Tom Hardy & Tom Holland & Tom Hiddleston

All of Marvel's Tom H's in one.

37. Chloe Grace Moretz & Halsey

The more you look at this one, the more confusing it becomes.

36. Timothee Chalamet & Ezra Miller

What a total cutie!

35. Lana Del Rey & Natalie Portman

Ben claims this is his favorite morph - and it's easy to see why.

34. Natalie Dormer & Gigi Hadid

This has a hint of Madonna, right?

33. Henry Cavill & Christopher Reeve

The past and the future of Superman.

32. Chris Pratt & Michael Fassbender

This morph is a truly incredible blend of the 2 faces.

31. Lena Headey & Emilia Clarke

Our two favorite ill-fated Game of Thrones queens.

30. Sophie Turner & Karen Gillan

Speaking of which, we'd love an X-Men and Game of Thrones morph.

29. Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick

The 2 leads from A Simple Favor would be a pretty unstoppable force if they worked together.

28. Justin Timberlake & Jesse Eisenberg

Sorry, but those eyes are freaking us out! He looks ... trapped?

27. Emma Watson & Lily Collins

We didn't know we needed this - until we saw it.

26. Lana Del Rey & Megan Fox

The 2 modern-day beauties create a surprisingly vintage-looking morph.

25. Harrison Ford & Alden Ehrenreich

We love the morphs of 2 actors playing the same character, like this Han Solo duo.

24. Amber Heard & Rachel McAdams

AKA an even more intimidating Regina George.

23. Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman

Not sure how these two frenemies would react to this morph.

22. Kurt Cobain & River Phoenix

2 total legends who were taken from us too soon. This one's a little bit heartbreaking.

21. Emily Blunt & Dakota Johnson

"Actually, that's not true, Ellen."

20. Timothee Chalamet & Finn Wolfhard

People always say these 2 look alike - and the proof is in the morphing.

19. Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock and Watson - together at last!

18. Kendall Jenner & Natalie Portman

What an absolute stunner - although that's hardly a shock.

17. Robert Downey Jr & George Clooney

The definition of a silver fox.

16. Christian Bale & Chris Hemsworth

Which oddly looks a lot like Stephen Amell.

15. Adam Driver & Hayden Christensen

2 Jedis in one - although Driver seems to rule the roost here.

14. Daniel Craig & Tom Hardy

Another strange example of 2 handsome men creating a hybrid monster.

13. Brad Pitt & Leonardo Di Caprio

This is the stuff our teenage dreams are made of.

12. Zac Efron & Harry Styles

While this is probably the stuff teens of today dream about.

11. Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland.

It's pretty cute seeing these two bros as one.

10. Bella Hadid & Rihanna

This morph seems to have created a whole new person!

9. Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

This is probably the most terrifying on the list.

8. Brigitte Bardot & Marilyn Monroe

2 blonde bombshells in on stunning morph.

7. Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams

We bet these 2 besties would love this.

6. Taylor Swift & Katy Perry

These 2 were once mortal enemies - so seeing them this together is pretty weird.

5. Beyonce & Margot Robbie

This one really messes with us.

4. Tom Hiddleston & James Franco

All we can say is wow.

3. Drake & The Weekend

This morph is strangely hilarious to us.

2. Ryan Gosling & Armie Hammer

Looking more than a little bit dazed.

1. Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling

Yep, it's everything we dreamed it would be. Fancy seeing more celebrities as you've never seen them before? Scroll on for forty celebrities who you may never have seen young before. Dr. Phil is disturbingly cute.