Artist SHATTERS Impossible Beauty Standards By Highlighting This Physical ‘Flaw’ | 22 Words

The body positivity movement continues to spread radical body love, and it's not letting up any time soon. The latest, most colorful contributor is artist Cinta Tort Cartró from Barcelona, Spain.

Her Instagram account, Zinteta, has most recently served as a posting area for her latest work, in which she paints rainbow formations following stretch marks on all types of bodies.

The results are Lisa Frank meets Lena Dunham — inspiring, vibrant, and celebratory of all our so-called "flaws."

Cartró's art is all about self-love, acceptance, and the beauty that is women's bodies.

She brings gorgeous rainbows of color to stretch marks, breasts, and depictions of vaginas and period blood. Her art is evocative and bold in color and in message.

Her painting of stretch marks is particularly poignant.

It highlights the very thing women are convinced to hate and feel ashamed about. (It's not the only thing women are taught to hate about themselves, but it's definitely on the list.)

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Cartró said, "Ever since we're little, they make us hate everything about our bodies."

"And they constantly try to convince us to eliminate anything that isn't 'normal,' like skin blemishes, freckles, body hair, and an infinity of other things."

"Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our stories," she continued. "They're so beautiful, I don't know how they've convinced us to hate them."

They're especially gorgeous when you decorate them with rainbow glitter paint! This is possibly the best use of paint ever. How awesome is this rightfully shameless celebration of the female form? Cartró's art does so much to not only promote body positivity but to shout the idea that all shapes, all sizes, all colors are beautiful and worthy of awe.

Cartró is able to connect so deeply to her art because she too spent years devastated by the fact that her appearance didn't fit some impossible ideal.

"Throughout my life, especially in my teenage years, I struggled with beauty standards," she told BuzzFeed. "When I was a teen, I suffered from anorexia. I wanted to be skinny, I wanted to get rid of the hair on my body, and I wanted to eliminate my stretch marks. In other words, I didn't love myself. I've always used art to express what I feel, my battles, and how they affect me."

Her art is a physical manifestation of her journey to self-love, and she's lifting others up along the way.

Learning to love exactly who you are is a process — a hard and ongoing one. Cartró's goal with her art is to help women understand that "there's beauty in all of us."

Cartró's viral Instagram post was translated from Spanish to English, and she shared the translation on her Facebook page.

It's an incredible message. The last two lines are especially affecting: "Don't let anyone mess with everything you have and everything you are. Loving oneself is a revolutionary act." Amen, sister.

Follow Cartró's artistic journey on her Instagram and Facebook.

"I make are to express everything I feel, live think, and struggle with," Cartroó told BuzzFeed. "It's amazing that I can reach a lot of people with it, so they can think about these personal battles and get inspired to fight against the ridiculous beauty standards that oppress us."