Artist Stuck in Quarantine Uses Her Home as a Blank Canvas and the Results Are Stunning | 22 Words

With quarantine in full effect, keeping ourselves busy has never been more important.

One woman has taken keeping busy to a new extreme.

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Now more than ever it's important to keep busy.

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Find something to do.

Some people have taken up knitting.

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Whilst others are practicing cooking.

Some have taken on the challenge of decorating a room in their house.

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Because with all this spare time, why not?

But there's one woman who has taken it even further.

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As she painted her entire house.

It's not the usual kind of wall painting though.

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White paint and an old roller.

Oh no, this woman is an artist who used her walls as a canvas.

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Transforming her house from plain and boring, to beautifully unique.

Nathalie Lété is a french artist who has a unique coping mechanism for quarantine.

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Transforming her country house into a botanical garden.

Nathalie bought her house just three years ago.

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Speaking to BoredPanda she said: "It’s an hour away from Paris, in a little village next to the Loing river and the forest of Fontainebleau."

Nathalie wanted to use the house, painted white inside, like a blank canvas.

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Which is just what she did, covering it in floral patterns.

She said: "The first year we lived in a totally white house,

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“I then started painting all of the details whenever I had the time. Now, due to the confinement, I’ve had two full months to focus on painting the walls."

Two full months to make it look incredible! It's the type of walls we could only dream of having.

We imagine it must take her hours and hours.

Once Nathalie had started painting her house, it was hard to stop.

As she also ended up decorating the furniture as well.

She said: "[I want] to not only do the walls, but also paint all the furniture, lamps, tiles, rugs, cushions, and other fabrics. To create a nest that’s totally filled with my art."

She has truly created a house like no other.

Now, it's a pretty unique idea that's for sure, but Nathalie explained that she gets her inspiration from folk art.

Particularly from the houses in Zalipie, Poland and the house of Maud Lewis and Charleston’s houses in England

It seems like travel is a big inspiration.

She added: "I also like the streets in the souk of Tangier, Morroco, which are painted by young teenagers simply to embellish the area."

“I like the idea of embellishing very simple places and things, like a room or its furniture, just by adding a bit of color and naive motives."

Nathalie doesn't work by preparation. Instead, she freehands everything she does and makes it up as she goes along.

“I do the work step by step, corner after corner, wall after wall. By doing so, I have the time to learn from my mistakes and avoid them later on the project," she said

“Even if I did something that I no longer like, there are no plans to rush, no stress, I can cover it the next day by simply painting over."

Her words of advice? Forget about perfect.

“Just try to let your inner child guide you and forget perfectionism. "Paint simple flowers if you don’t consider yourself very talented, the most important thing is to allow yourself to feel pleasure from doing it."

And believe it or not, not all of Nathalie's inspiration is made up in her head.

She explained "personally, I like working in naïve style, but some days I simply paint a picture that I saw in some book. It’s a joyful, mixed pattern."

She has certainly created a house that is one of a kind and that brings her happiness.

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