One of the best things about the advent of the internet is the wealth of amazing talent that's so much easier to discover through the power of social media. Instagram, in particular, is a fantastic resource for finding cute and innovative art. But one account that's seriously impressed the internet this week perfectly combines a genius idea with killer execution.

And one amazingly talented artist has gone viral this week for her beautiful witch-inspired Disney princesses...

Creating art is really a true talent.

It's something that not many people have the skillset for, which makes it all the more impressive when someone does.

For many, it's therapeutic.

The process can be more important than the end result and it's a great hobby to have. But for a select few, it's even more than a hobby.

Some have an almost otherworldly ability.

The enviable talent of being able to draw well is rare - and those who have it can often gain a following.

Because seeing really good art can elicit an emotional reaction.

Being able to view exactly what was previously inside someone's mind is actually pretty magical, if you think about it.

It can blow people away.

Sometimes, when you see something that someone else has created, the only thought available to you is... "wow."

There's another common reaction, too.

The natural talent, dedication, and hard work of an artist tends to feel like something that deserves praise.

Beautiful things can make us feel something.

It's strange that a visual object can have emotional ramifications - but that's part of the majesty of being alive.

And in recent years, discovering art has never been easier.

Thanks to the internet, people are much more able to share their talent and creations with the world, which is a very good thing.

This can lead to something else.

Many newer artists have started their careers on social media, gaining a loyal following of dedicated fans along the way.

One such artist is illustrator, EKG Art.

The talented creative has garnered a huge following thanks to her witch-inspired creations...

And one range that's truly incredible?

Her witchy Disney princesses have the internet feeling inspired.

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