Artists Pay Emotional Tribute to Pregnant Elephant That Die After Being Fed Pineapple With Firecrackers Inside | 22 Words

Artists from all over the world have come together to pay tribute to the pregnant elephant who tragically died when she was maliciously fed pineapple filled with firecrackers.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to see some of the most beautiful pieces of art made in her memory...

Elephants are a majestic species.

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The largest mammal on the Asian continent, elephants are greatly respected in cultures all around Asia.

They are extremely sociable animals...

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The Asian elephant is usually spotted in groups of around 6 or 7 females, and they are known to join other groups of elephants to form a larger group.

Elephants are an important cultural symbol...

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And they are very much loved and respected across the Asian continents.

They symbolize wisdom and royal power...

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And many religious groups worship these beautiful animals.

But, sadly, not everyone is so kind to these beautiful creatures.

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On May 27th, a pregnant elephant in India died a slow and painful death after some people filled her pineapple chunks with firecrackers.

The explosives went off in her mouth...

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And they caused grievous damage to her jaw. Sadly, the elephant and her unborn calf died as a result of her injuries.

Officials say the wild elephant probably wandered out of the Silent Valley National Park in the search of food...

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And it is believed to have reached the Malappuram District, where the animal allegedly bit into the deadly fruit stuffed with firecrackers.

The heartbreaking story was shared on Facebook by one of the forest officers who had attempted to save her, Mohan Krishnan.

"She trusted everyone. When the pineapple she ate exploded, she must have been shocked not thinking about herself, but about the child, she was going to give birth to in eighteen to twenty months," Mr. Krishnan said.

Mr. Krishnan also noted how gentle the creature was.

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"She didn't harm a single human being even when she ran in searing pain in the streets of the village. She didn't crush a single home."

Since being shared onto Facebook, news of the elephant's tragic fate spread like wildfire...

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And thousands of people expressed their dismay and horror over the incident.

The authorities in India are now inquiring into her death...

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And, while the investigation is underway, people on social media have been paying tribute to the poor animal by sharing art they have made to honor her. Keep scrolling to see some of the most beautiful examples...

1. What She Saw, What You Made It.

What the elephant saw as an innocent chunk of pineapple, was infact her death sentence.

2. As A Human, I Am Sorry.

This moving piece serves as an apology to the elephant and her unborn calf on behalf of the human race.

3. I Am Sorry, My Baby.

Artist, Uday Mohite, has portrayed the elephant standing behind barbed wire with her baby in a ball of flames inside of her. The elephant is turning and apologizing to her calf, whom she never got to meet.

4. As A Human, I Am Sorry.

Another apology piece, this artist, Karan Acharya, has painted the elephant swimming in the depths of the ocean while bleeding from her wounds.

5. Mom, Where Are We Going?

Artist, Shubham Dogra, expressed his hurt and horror by creating this beautiful piece, which shows the elephant leading her baby away to safety.

6. Sorry.

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Graphic designer, Rabiul Islam, incorporated the figure of an elephant beautifully into the word "sorry".

7. Death of Humanity.

Here, the elephant has been depicted breathing the flames of the firecrackers that cruelly took her life.

8. The Angel Elephant.

This gorgeous and colorful piece shows the elephant's unborn calf, finally free and happy in the forest, but still clutching at the bloodied trunk of her mother.

9. Elephants In The Sand.

One beach artist recreated the mother and baby sleeping alongside the waves.

10. The Elephant Crying.

Here, an artist has skillfully blended the elephant calf into its mother's tears.

11. A Pineapple Or A Bomb?

This graphic designer incorporated a bomb onto the image of a pineapple... A resounding reminder of the brutality in which this elephants life was taken.

12. We Believed You. You Betrayed Us.

The title says it all.

13. The Angel Elephants.

Humanity really has let us all down.

14. And, last but not least...

This harrowing piece shows a single drop of blood oozing from the elephants eye and forming into the unborn calf.