Ashley Graham Revealed the RIDICULOUS Reason Her First Boyfriend Dumped Her | 22 Words

You may recognize Ashley Graham from the cover of all the hottest magazines, campaigns for some of the biggest high-fashion brands, numerous TV hosting gigs, her memoir, her TEDx Talk, or her lingerie line.

The woman is taking over the world.

In a new revealing interview with New York Magazine, Graham got honest about her position as a body positive advocate in the modeling world, and what that really means. Plus, she gave us some juicy details about her past relationships, specifically the ridiculous reason her first high school boyfriend broke it off.

In case you missed it, supermodel Ashley Graham is the face of the body positive movement.

She is a body activist, a huge part of the #BeautyBeyondSize movement, and a literal icon in the modeling world.

Graham has been everywhere lately.

In addition to being confident and gorgeous, she uses her fame to spread the message that all bodies are beautiful.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Graham spoke candidly about her life as a non-straight size model.

Graham rejects the term 'plus-size' "because she thinks there's an inherent implication of a dividing line between the 'normal'-bodied and the 'other,'" according to New York Magazine.

She prefers the term "curvy" or "curve" model and works hard every day to project confidence in her body.

It wasn't always so easy. In a particularly honest moment in the interview, Graham revealed that "her first boyfriend in high school broke up with her because he said he was afraid she'd someday be as fat as his mom." Um, how awful is that?

"That really made me hyperaware that I am a big girl, and that's how people see me," Graham said.

After that breakup, she stayed in an emotionally abusive relationship for way too long "because that ex-boyfriend was the first man who seemed to appreciate her body."

Those instances of body shaming can have untold effects on people's self-esteem.

But the bravery Graham shows by sharing these experiences is incredible, and it allows others to relate, to know that they are not alone. It's part of Graham's mission — to encourage women of all body types to see themselves as beautiful, to recognize that they have worth and thus, should always be treated with respect.

It's pretty safe to say that Graham has gotten the ultimate revenge on that creepy high school guy.

She's living her best life, and she's been married to her husband, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker Justin Ervin, for seven years. Before she got married, Graham and Ervin "built up their friendship through 12-hour dates, and no premarital sex," according to New York Magazine. She learned to love herself, and then she found someone who loved her for exactly who she is.

There's no looking back now.

Slay, girl! Graham is reveling in her wholly deserved superstardom and paving the way for women everywhere to be confident in their bodies. Also, pretty sure that high school boyfriend is rolling in regret right now. As he should be.