Remember a few weeks back when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis sparked a wealthy debate all about hygiene when they opened up about washing their child.

The father-mom duo originally admitted that their choice to not bathe their kids every day was born out of not destroying the skin's natural oils, and a habit from growing up when they didn't have hot water.

Later, following the outrage, Kutcher and Kunis responded to the haters in a comical manner, sharing a video of themselves washing their children in the bath, with Kutcher saying to Kunis 'are you trying to melt our children?'

Kutcher also admitted not too long ago that he doesn't 'shower properly'... But he laughed that off too.

While they may well be laughing about it, it certainly seems like the topic has not been forgotten about, especially if Kutcher's recent appearance at the recent Iowa game is anything to go off.

Kutcher was invited to an ESPN set this weekend to share his thoughts on college football -- but all he got in return from the crowd was some pretty rough advice on his hygiene in the form of some absolutely brutal chants.

The actor was hit up by the network to be the guest prediction picker ahead of Saturday's college games, especially the big Iowa game between Iowa State and the University of Iowa, which was Kutcher's alma mata.

But literally as soon as Kutcher touched down by jet, he was absolutely roasted by the jeering crowd.

But what exactly where they shouting at him? Well, it was just three words, again and again and again. And again. "Take a shower!"

The huge crowd was chanting "Take a shower! Take a shower! Take a shower!" while Kutcher was being interviewed. While it appeared that Kutcher couldn't hear the chanting, the microphones certainly could.

But it didn't stop there. As just a few moments later, Kutcher went down to the pre-game panel where the chants continued, but this time it was much, much closer.

Kutcher must've heard the chanting, but he didn't flinch. Maybe he was trying to play it cool, maybe he genuinely just wasn't bothered. In fairness, Kutcher's net-worth is apparently around the $150 million mark, and he's married to Mila Kunis, so if I was in his shoes and someone told me to take a shower, I probably wouldn't care either.