We've known for a long time that Hollywood is far from perfect. From racism to sexism and homophobia, there are many problems to address. While we've been working to recognize those problems, it's important that for anyone and everyone who sees them, they should know when to call it out. And that's just what one actor did, in front of everyone on Twitter.

Recently, Asian actor Joel Kim Booster tweeted out a picture of a script he was reading. The script shows an obviously racist line, written about an Asian character and his white girlfriend. Upon posting, Joel's tweet (specifically, the picture of the script) sparked quite a bit of outrage in the online community. And while many were enraged, there was also a sweet outpour of multi-racial couple photos posted in rebuttal. Keep reading to find out how this all started, and why this is so important!


Meet Joel Kim Booster.

He’s an actor, comedian, and writer. A recently, he had something big to say on Twitter.

Kim shared a snapshot on Twitter, of a script he was reading.

And, as you can see, that script was extremely problematic.

Can you say, "cringe?"

We all knew that Hollywood had a problem with racism, and this illustrates that, despite recent successes like Crazy Rich Asians, we’ve got some work to do.

And Kim’s tweet got a ton of responses.

Many of them were along the lines of this!

Even Seth Rogen displayed some shock.

And that’s not all he said!

Rogen and Kim had a small conversation thread.

Auditioning must be fun, especially with these types of scripts.

So, who knows what might happen?

Don't worry, Seth Rogen is on the case!

Some laughed at the script.

This user knows what the real unrealistic qualities in this script are!

Others were taken aback.

It’s unfortunate, but true that some professionals still allow racism into their work.

At least some people are aware of the problem.

If only things like these were not written in the first place.

One Twitter user was happy to point out the script’s obvious flaw in logic.

I mean, really. Have you seen John Cho?

And, of course, the list doesn’t stop at one.

There are plenty of handsome Asian actors who play "realistic" romantic interests.

But we don’t just have to reference actors for this!

Many, many couples became Jim from The Office after this tweet.

And we got to see living proof of some real-life relationships!

Our history of unrealistic thinking goes back a long way.

Thus began an adorable train of very realistic couples’ photos!

Hollywood might be confused by this, but we sure aren’t.

This is the definition of fighting ignorance with love.

And it’s adorable!

So beautiful it’s unreal.

I think the only unrealistic thing is thinking this wouldn't happen.

Great hair attracts great hair.

I don’t know, they seem pretty realistic to me.

Let’s hear it for long-lived, realistic relationships.

No matter what they look like on the outside!

Art should start imitating life a bit more.

Life has moved on, leaving art stuck in the past.

15 years of lacking realism is a long time.

They seem none the worse for wear, though!

And 16 years is even longer!

How sweet is that?

The thread was a real hit with many people.

For unrealistic people, they look so happy!

These people are happy to live in "denial."

Or maybe it’s just reality.

Apparently, Hollywood was mistaken.

And apparently, love knows no bounds. Certainly not ones as trivial as this!

Ain’t this the truth:

It's time for us to end the ignorance!

When the whole family is confused:

What a cute reaction to this whole thing!

This sweet photo came with a hopeful message:

And we hope he’s right!

I wonder if this Twitter post was enough evidence for Hollywood?

With 500+ comments and a lot of great couples’ photos, it really should be.

So let’s encourage Hollywood to be a little more realistic with its casting!

After all, it’s a big, diverse world out there. Time to start representing all of it—without the snide remarks that non-white people and interracial relationships are ‘unrealistic.’