Asian US Army Veteran Reveals Battle Scars and Asks if It’s Patriotic Enough

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An Asian US Army veteran revealed his battle scars during a town hall meeting, and asked whether it’s patriotic enough…

He did so after speaking about anti-Asian hate he has received.

This comes shortly after a shooter killed numerous Asian people in an attack in Atlanta…

An Asian US Army veteran has revealed his battle scars…

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He did so during a town hall meeting, as many more are speaking out against anti-Asian abuse.

On the evening of March 16th, twenty-one-year-old Robert Aaron Long went to 3 local spas and shot dead 8 innocent people in Cherokee and Fulcon County, Atlanta.

As per the New York Times, 4 people died in the first shooting at Young’s Asian Massage, which was reported at around 5 pm. Just a short while later, Long targeted the Gold Spa where he shot dead 3 women.
Shots were then fired nearby at the Aromatherapy Spa, where the body of another woman was found; 8 people in total tragically died.

The names of the victims have since been released to the public:

Delaina Ashley Yaun thirty-three, Paul Andre Michels, fifty-four, Xiaojie Yan, forty-nine, Daoyou Feng, forty-four, Hyun Jung Grant, fifty-one, Suncha Kim, sixty-nine, Yong Yue, sixty-three, and Soon Chung Park, seventy-four.

All of these victims have left behind family and loved ones…

And alongside them, the entire world is mourning their untimely and tragic deaths.

Long was arrested a few hours after the shootings following a manhunt…

And although he is now in police custody facing 8 charges of murder and a charge of aggravated assault, people are feeling angrier than ever.

Many have been taking to social media to share their shock and heartbreak over the attack…

Alongside their anger over how yet another shooting has been allowed to take place here in America.

It’s clear that many strongly believe this was a racially motivated attack…

And people have been rallying together both on the streets and online in protest of this kind of terrorism and, of course, to demand justice for America’s Asian communities and the victims who lost their lives in this ruthless attack.

People are angry…

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Because there’s absolutely no doubt that our country has had a huge problem with racism and prejudice against the Asian American community for decades now.

This kind of racism sadly comes in many forms…

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Ranging from physical violence to seemingly “harmless” jokes made online and on television.

And even celebrities such as Jay Leno have seen themselves in trouble.

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Which has forced him to apologize directly to the Asian American community.

But it hasn’t sat well with people…

This pressure has been building on the comedian for years now.

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As per the Hollywood Reporter, Leno recently participated in a Zoom meeting with several leaders of the Media Action Network For Asian Americans and offered his apologies to the Asian community for various jokes made at their expense across his long tenure on TV.

Now, elected official and U.S. Army veteran, Lee Wong, is making headlines too.

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During a townhall meeting in West Chester, Ohio, Wong took off his shirt to reveal his battle scars.

He did so to make a point about the anti-Asian wave in this country…

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Speaking at the meeting, Wong said:
There are some ignorant people that will come up to me and say I don’t look American or patriotic enough. Is this patriot enough?

Wong said that he had been beat up shortly after moving to the US.

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He said:
I have put up with a lot of s*** in silence … too afraid to speak out, fearing more abuse and discrimination.

“We need to be kinder, gentler to one another because we are all the same, we are one human being on this Earth.”