Not sure if you want your jeans to be fit or flare? Do you want to wear mom jeans but want people to think you’re still a cool mom? Do you have to be in the 1970s at 5 but the 1990s at 8? Then asymmetric jeans are apparently the new denim trend that you need and didn’t ask for.

Just when we thought that our exploration into denim fashion was at an end, husband and wife team behind the brand Ksenia Schnaider proved us wrong. Enter the slim leg and wide leg, a high-waisted style that has gone viral. The asymmetric jeans are following the Ukrainian duos other viral fashion success, the demi-jean, which is a take on jorts over jeans mash-up.

To be fair, fashion trends change very quickly. One minute skinny jeans are on trend and the next bootcut jeans are hot which leaves many wondering, "Am I on trend or not?" So, the Schnaider team made the decision easy for us and combined the styles. Why not? Clearly, if you can’t decide, why not wear both – at the same time.

Seems that when it comes to new styles for denim, Ksenia Schnaider is here to break the internet. And with the new asymmetric jeans gaining high interest from people around the world, they may already have more ideas for a new bizarre way to wear jeans we may not be here for but we want to see it.

Ksenia Schnaider is a fashion brand out of Ukraine that creates fashion that’s insanely unnecessary, and quite interesting.

The duo behind the brand are husband and wife Anton and Ksenia Schnaider.

They’ve already had viral success with a previous denim design called the demi-denim.

Basically, they're jorts over jeans. These were a Bella Hadid approved look during the Summer.

After the demi-denim, came denim fur.

I think this is a rather interesting take on fur.

Ksenia Schnaider is obsessed with denim and recreating the fabric for new fashion looks.

She told i-D that this is rooted in the Soviet Union’s jean revolution, as jeans had a cult-like status that made them a luxury to wear when she was growing up.

Naturally, Ksenia and her husband who's also into creating fashion looks for “no reason" wanted to create another bold, and maybe, stylish statement.

The way they manipulate the fabric is coo but is it wearable? And now I feel like I sound like a judge on Project Runway.

Ksenia came up with the asymmetrical jeans idea with the thought that it could become a new trend.

Her husband Ashton didn’t think so but he went with it anyway.

“It was my old idea to combine our two best-selling models, but Anton said that it is too crazy and no one needs jeans like this," she explains.

A good point, it’s not needed so why make it?

Ksenia initially abandoned the idea of the asymmetrical jeans but then made them because she thought if there is one person in the world that did need these jeans, it was her.

We’re all just here to enjoy, and maybe wear, Ksenias creations.

Since sharing the asymmetrical design on their Instagram page, the design duo has been flooded with interest.

And it has made quite the conversation starter.

You either get it or you don’t. Or you just want to share the news about them on social media.

Ksenia says that a lot of people that are interested in the asymmetrical design are disturbed by them and will share it on their social media page which then creates interest for someone that does get them and wants to buy them for their wardrobe.

The design is part of their Pre-Fall 2019 lineup.

Along with the jeans the brand features reworked sportswear.

The asymmetrical jeans are retailing for $375.

Now you know so you can get yourself a pair and always feel fit or flare and stylish in an awkward yet fashionable way. But for that price tag, can I choose which leg I want to be flared or fit?

The creative couple hopes to put Ukraine on the map for the fashion world.

So far, they are definitely turning heads.

If you’re still asking yourself “why?" You are not alone. People of social media had things to say about the new asymmetrical jeans.

Some loved it, hated it, and a few embraced it.

For this person and many of us, our first reaction was to laugh.

via: Twitter

If I were to wear this type of jean pants, leopard print pumps would not be my styling choice. I'm definitely more of a Crocs type of person. But I'm pretty sure that if I pair Crocs with asymmetrical jeans, my friends and family will disown me.

Well, I don't need a TED Talk to know this.

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But thanks for letting us know.

I'm happy she didn't list socks with crocs.

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Please, no one tell her to add leggings as pants to her list because that is my go-to.

Maybe look cool as heck?

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I don't know, and maybe it's just me, but the more I look at the asymmetric jeans the more I think they would really work in a Hunger Games movie.

Finally, we've figured out a perfect use for asymmetric jeans.

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And to complete the look, definitely pair with asymmetrical accessories.

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I think this person is onto something here.

While asymmetrical jeans are definitely unusual, they are not the first bizarre fashion denim to trend on social media.

We’ve seen quite a few wacky jeans over the years and I'm sure some of you have forgotten about a few so let’s check them out.

You may not be able to see them but I promise, last year's invisible jeans are in this picture.

I think I'll take asymmetrical jeans over invisible jeans any day. At least with the asymmetric jeans, I actually have fabric covering my legs.

Remember the one-leg jeans?

I would like to forget this. Also, I would still use the asymmetric jeans over these.

The double jeans aren't favorable because that's just having to unbutton more when you're stuffing your face at a buffet.

That's gonna be a no from me, dog.

And I'm sure many of you have forgotten but I'm here to remind you all that 'detachable jeans' were once a thing and thank goodness they are not anymore.

Detachable jeans, because showing your muffin top just isn't enough.

Seems to me that based on past bizarre denim trends, the asymmetrical jeans actually aren't all that weird.

I mean, if I had to pick one, I'm going asymmetrical.

Ksenia and her husband plan to continue to create fashion that’s interesting and entertains people.

She mostly loves to experiment with denim but may explore designs with other fabrics.

Maybe this is what moms needs in their lives? Re-designed mom jeans?

Hmmm... maybe I'm on to something here.

One thing is for sure, Ksenia Schaider has people talking and for a small fashion brand, that's a great thing.

As the saying goes, bad publicity is good publicity.

For now, we may not be here for asymmetrical jeans but we are entertained by this trend.

I can’t wait to see if any of my mom friends buy a pair of these.