Athlete Demands Gender Test for 200-Meter Silver Olympic Medalist Because She Ran Too Fast

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Christine Mboma took part in the woman’s 200 sprint at the Tokyo Olympics on Monday. And apparently, despite only winning silver, she ran ‘too fast’.

That’s according to former Polish athlete Marcin Urbas who has demanded that the 18-year-old Namibian sprinter goes through a sex-affirming test because he cannot believe someone who can run her times is “definitely is a woman.”

Mboma was narrowly beaten to the gold medal by Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah. Thompson-Herah broke the world record for the women’s 200-meters with an unbelievable time of 21.53 seconds, just 0.28 seconds faster than Mboma.

According to sporting site, Marcas, Urbas said:

According to Insider, the difference in sexual development (DSD) has massively impacted Black African athletes, including Caster Semenya and Beatrice Masilingi. It was also reported just last week that soccer player, Tabitha Chawinga, was forced to strip on multiple occasions during matches in her home country to prove she was a woman.

Chawinga says she was first forced to undress at the age of just 13 while playing for a girl’s school team. She claims her opponents didn’t believe she was a girl because of her physical appearence and ability.

While this Olympics has been massively dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the second huge topic of debate has been about the transgender weight lifter Laurel Hubbard who was allowed to participate in the Olympics as a woman.

Countless people championed the Olympic commitee for allowing Hubbard to compete, many others thought their decision was incredibly unfair and petitioned for her to be removed.