Australians Asking Questions They Need Answering by US | 22 Words

Twitter is a minefield at the moment as Australians have been asking some seriously urgent questions they need answering by us Americans...

And it's seriously put things into perspective!


Because as we all know, the United States and Australia are world's away from one another.

Not only are we almost 10,000 miles apart from each other...


But we also lead very different lives.

So much so...

That many Australian locals have been left with some very pressing questions about life here in the United States.

They've flooded Twitter with questions that they're in desperate need of being answered...

And just wait until you read some of them!

Here they are...

So there is another world outside of the United States?

It looks like we need to travel more...

Apparently, we've been saying it wrong...

Okay, do we call pizzas "pies"?! Asking for a friend...

Politics is a very different thing in Australia...

Okay, this is a biggie...

Another biggie over here...

Roads in Australia are huge, FYI.

As any American citizen will know, cereal is a very big deal in the United States.

We're lucky with our school breaks, we must admit!

America definitely wins in the "dangerous animals" department.

We're definitely the ones saying it correctly... right?

It's all about opinions... we suppose?

Yes... why are we so scared of universal health care?

The "pineapple on pizza" debate continues...

​So apparently, "Aussie" isn't a thing over in the land down under!

Voting is clearly a very different process in other parts of the world...

Apparently, it's not called a parm!

So it's not e-moo?!

We won't lie, we have some pretty amazing houses over here!

The driving sides of the roads will forever be a mystery to us!

​Okay, we'll be having no disrespect of the UGG boot today!

Okay, this is definitely a serious issue and it's something we wish we could answer.

It's called being patriotic!

Again... we're just super patriotic!

Cinnamon rolls are a God-given gift...

FYI, a blooming onion is basically dish consisting of one large onion which is cut to resemble a flower, battered, and deep-fried.

It's definitely hot cocoa...

Because pumpkin is the best dessert component?

Because they are... aren't they?

He's called Waldo for a reason, guys!

Australia was colonized by Britain, FYI.

Maybe because the Australian PM isn't the most likable of people right now?

Fun fact - Foster's actually isn't an Australian beer!

Kangaroos aren't a mode of transport, it turns out.

Australia actually has an extremely rich history!

So, there you have it!

We hope that these Australian folk got the answers they were hoping for!