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Austria Orders Nationwide Lockdown for Unvaccinated

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Austria has just announced a nationwide lockdown for all those unvaccinated in the country.

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2022 is almost upon us.

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But as we loom closer towards the Holiday Season and subsequent new year, covid continues to dominate our headlines and day-to-day lives.

However while things seem to be looking a little brighter.

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Covid is still very real. And for people in Austria, well lockdown is imminent again.

That is, if you’re unvaccinated.

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Yes, just in the past few hours, Austria announced that they are putting around two million unvaccinated people in the nation into lockdown.

The move is effective from midnight tonight local time.

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Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said:
“We are not taking this step lightly but it is necessary.”

Unvaccinated people will be allowed to leave home for limited reasons.

Austria does have one of the highest rates of infection in Europe and one of the lowest rates of those vaccinated,