Autumn Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get One ASAP | 22 Words

It is officially autumn, the best season of the whole year! If you do not agree, you are clearly wrong. Fall has Halloween, which is full of spooky frights and delicious treats. It has Thanksgiving, which is full of family love and full-on feasts. It has incredible, colorful foliage and flannel and plaid and pumpkins and apples and cool temperatures and everything you ever want in a season.

Fall is my jam, and I will not apologize for it. The season has become somewhat of a cliched joke, but that is only because it is clearly so much better than any other season. There is typically nothing bad to say about it, so people have decided to trash things like delicious warm beverages and Gilmore Girls, which is just a really good show that happens to have a very autumnal aesthetic. If you, like me, are an unabashed fan of fall, here are some tattoo ideas to state your love!

Fall is here! Fall is here!

When you get out of the pile of leaves you are currently rolling around in joyously, check out these awesome autumn tattoos that might just inspire you to get one yourself!

Breezy leaves

A leaf of every color blows in the breeze for this fall lover! I love this. I can feel the cool wind on my face just by looking at this tattoo.


This amazing thigh tattoo means that this person is rooted in fall all year long. I could get on board with this.

Spooky pumpkin

I love this adorable and yet definitely spooky little Halloween tattoo! Honestly, I wish it was Halloween season all year long. I guess, with this tattoo, it could be!


This might be the cutest ghost I have ever seen. And I've watched Casper.

Touching tribute

Yes, leaves and acorns are very falling feeling, but nothing screams autumn like candy corn. It's such a polarizing candy though, and this tattoo is quite the commitment to it. Do you like candy corn?

Beary autumnal

I love bears, I love trees, and I love mountains. It's almost like this tattoo was made just for me!

Fall foxes

Nothing says fall like adorable orange foxes, and this tattoo is a gorgeous tribute to these amazing creatures.

Tiny fox

Speaking of foxes, this might be the most adorable tattoo I have ever seen in my life. Oh my goodness, I love it so much.

Woodsy scene

One of my favorite things to do in fall is to walk in the woods when I go home to the East Coast for Thanksgiving. There's just nothing like it.

So basic

Pumpkin spice lattés are often characterized as basic, but if you really love this warm fall drink, then I say you should own it.

Fall still life

One of the best parts of fall weather is being able to light a candle and cuddle up on the couch with some tea, a blanket, and a good book.


I absolutely adore this tattoo of an autumnal witch's hat. It is time for women to embrace the witchy sides of themselves.

Knitting fox

I adore the style of this tattoo. Love the different patterns and the illustration style. This might be the style of tattoo that I want to get someday!

Maple leaf

Nothing says fall like a maple leaf changing colors. This one is big and bright and bold and lovely.


Pinecones are an indelible image of fall. This tattoo of one is absolute gorgeousness.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is one of the most autumnal movies of all time, and this is a perfect tribute to the classic flick. This tattoo totally captures the feel of the film.

Geometric leaf

I love the style and the colors of this geometric leaf. It is a totally new take on a classic fall image.

Fall mandala

Doesn't it almost look like you are looking into an autumnal kaleidoscope? This tattoo would look crazy cool on the crux on someone's elbow or knee.

Autumn bouquets

These are simple and gorgeous! One fall bouquet on the left, and a summer one on the right.


This is a breathtakingly beautiful tattoo. The imagery is so specific and so comforting. It's from a tattoo artist in Paris. I might have to make a trip.

Flannel moose

Well, you can't have the fall season without a flannel, and I guess this moose got himself a perfect plaid shirt. This is hilarious and I totally love it.

Falling leaves

This tattoo is so simple. Just three leaves. And yet it evokes a whole feeling. That is the power of art right there.

Fall drink

Maybe it's a PSL, or maybe it's a steaming cup of hot apple cider. Whatever it is to you is important for making you feel the fall season inside and out.

Autumn nut

I'm a nut for autumn, and so is this tattoo! Get it?

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is such a spooky Halloween character herself, but the autumnal butterfly border really makes this tattoo special!

Lots of leaves

This tattoo really takes into account the action that the season "fall" implies. I would love to look down to see falling leaves like this every day.


What a peaceful, delicate, lovely scene! Who is that swinging among the swirling leaves? It looks like it could be Wednesday Addams.

Michael Myers

Nothing says Halloween like Halloween the movie. There is simply no slasher movie villain more classic or recognizable than Michael Myers.

Ginkgo leaf

This lovely leaf portrait is so fresh and fun and beautiful. Share this with an autumn lover in your life!