This month, Netflix released a whole host of tantalizing new content. Amongst it was the streaming giant's least teen rom-com venture, Tall Girl, which centers on sixteen-year-old highschooler, Jodi, who towers over her fellow peers. During the course of the movie, it's clear that her height is a big confidence knocker, and also sees her subject to ridicule.

Its leading star, Ava Michelle, is actually tall in real life. So much so that the former Dance Moms star got kicked off the dancing reality show for her height. For those who can rack their brains and remember the episodes in question, the infamous dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, was pretty brutal, to say the least.

Keep scrolling to relive the moment Ava was stripped of her "Abby Lee Dance Company" jacket, and subsequently kicked off the sharp-tongued reality show.

Netflix's new teen movie, Tall Girl, debuted this month.

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The movie, which premiered on the streaming platform on September 13, follows sixteen-year-old Jodi who feels pretty out-of-place in her school due to her 6ft 1 height.

The movie is the latest in a growing line of teen comedies brought to us by the streaming giant.

Tall Girl follows a backdrop of similar movies, including To All The Boys I've Loved Before, The Kissing Booth, and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Spoiler alert: Many of them star teen heartthrob Noah Centineo... it's kind of customary at this point.

For many, the genre is our guilty pleasure.

Mainly because the movies are painfully cringy, cheesy, or all-in-all not that good but we secretly can't help but watch. After all, sometimes a bit of cheese is okay.

Tall Girl tells the story of highschooler, Jodi, and how she overcomes her insecurities.

Her height makes her fairly uncomfortable in her own skin and also causes her to be subject to teasing by fellow peers.

She becomes fixated on the fact that she has to date someone who's also tall.

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One of friends named Dunkleman obviously has a crush on Jodi, even though she’s half a foot taller than he is, but Jodi is quick to dismiss him in any romantic sense as he's simply too short for her.

Inevitably, a boy crush enters the picture.

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When Stig, a tall Swedish exchange student, comes into her life, he immediately wins her heart. But the problem is, he's pretty much won every other girl's heart in the school, who are all eagerly seeking his affections.

Thus, a love triangle is born.

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But the romance-induced dilemma that ensues puts Jodi on an important path of self-acceptance and discovery.

Before the film premiered, it was subject to immense backlash.

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When the trailer was released, many people didn't take to it kindly. Several people raised the point that there are plenty more important things going on in the world than the tall "discrimination" of a middle-class white girl and that the movie's attempt to highlight high-school discrimination just further accentuated a lack of representation on the big screen.

All-in-all, it's safe to say the premise of the movie angered people.

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But, following the backlash, Tall Girl's director, Nzingha Stewart, responded by saying that "if it's not offending you, let it live...a movie doesn't have to be about you or for you to be of artistic value in the world."

Ava Michelle is the leading lady in the movie.

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Ava, who plays the insecure teen, is also tall in real life, and whether you agree about the real scope of the "issue" or not, Ava's height has no doubt got in her way.

You may remember the star from the popular reality show, Dance Moms.

The reality show follows the elite students at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburg as they embark on vigorous training for competitions.

Two of the show's most notable alumni are the Ziegler sisters.

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler featured on the show until they left during the season 6 finale. Most people will probably know Maddie as the girl who dances in all the Sia music videos, as well as being Abby Lee's favored student.

Ava featured on the drama-filled reality show.

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The now-seventeen-year-old featured on various episodes of the show from seasons 4 to 6, spanning 2014 to 2016.

But she met a bitter fate.

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In true brutal Abby Lee style, the teen was kicked off the show for her height.

The episodes featuring Ava are a hard watch.

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Echoing that of her new movie Tall Girl, during her Dance Moms stint, Ava was cruelly made fun of for height.

So much so, her height got her kicked off the show altogether.

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And she got the boot not once, but twice.

The first time, the budding dancer was told she hadn't made the team.

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She apparently wasn't what Abby was "looking for" for the select team.

When Abby brought her back, we thought it would end better for the dancer...

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But it turns out she was cut from the team once again for being too tall. The brutal moment saw Abby Lee strip Ava (who was clearly trying really hard to hold back the tears) of her jacket and announce that she was getting kicked out.

To make matters worse, she humiliatingly made Ava stand next to another dancer on the team.

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Understandably, Ava was devasted and her mom was beyond seething by the harsh dance teacher's antics.

Watch the explosive moment in full below:

You've got to give it to Ava, whether you like her new movie or not, she's certainly had the last laugh. You go girl. Want more Netflix-related news? Keep scrolling to learn more about the heartbreaking new series that viewers can't stop watching.