Being in love is the best, but going on dates? Well, it's kinda the worst.

Ask pretty much anyone who's ever gone on a date, and they're likely to tell you that they have a bad first date story. I once had a date exclaim in surprise, the phrases, "You're pretty funny for a girl" and "Dang! You can eat!" As you can imagine, there was no second date.

If you ever find yourself needing to read other people's experiences with bad first dates, I recommend going to Twitter and combing through the hashtag #WorstFirstDate. Jimmy Fallon has even used the hashtag a few times to feature funny tweets on his show.

There's something very hilarious and oddly comforting about reading through other people's negative experiences — perhaps because we know that even though they had a bad date (or several of them), they turned out okay. Maybe they've even found the love of their life since then!


Trying to get over your own awkward first date?

Then read through these stories! They should make you feel better. But, they also might make you want to give up dating altogether.

How about some tunes?

Hey, everybody likes what they like. That's totally cool. But to say that you don't listen to music without any explanation? Well, that's a little odd.

What an honest mistake.

I hear those things are pretty heavy, so maybe it doubles as his workout? I'm trying to look on the bright side of things.


I'm all for splitting the bill if that's what both parties want. But this idea seems pretty sneaky.

Quick, grab a dictionary.

Here's what you say to that: "No, I only hate the one I'm currently on a date with."

"I have options."

Nothing's more attractive than a date who makes it very clear that you are one of their many, many options. What a toolbox.

Did he really think this would work?

I'm so curious about his thought process here. Did he think reservations were just to sit in the restaurant and not eat?

OK, this one is hilarious.

It's kind of refreshing to read about a date that wasn't sabotaged by the other person. What a mistake to make!

Green or red?

I guess I understand asking once about the salsa choice, but multiple times? No. And that's nowhere near as weird as his follow-up.

The grand tour.

At least now you know where to go to find people who will talk with you about how weird that guy is!


At least you'll never have to see each other ever again. Well, that is. until the next family reunion.

If you thought that last one was bad, check this one out:

Yep. You win, I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Parental guidance suggested.

I wasn't too shocked by this one. Until I found out they were 21-years-old. That is, really something.


You can forgive a lot of things in the name of love, but not liking pasta or garlic? That is not one of those things.

The circle of life.

The Lion King is an amazing movie. And yet, this is still 100 percent bonkers.

It could've been worse.

Thank you for clarifying who the dog had bitten. Sounds like this was a pretty bad date for him, too!

Um, excuse me, what?

That is when you should get out of the car! In case you were wondering.

Oh wow, that is a lot.

There's so much to unpack here. I can't decide which part of that story is the worst.

What a cool guy.

Oh man, you definitely missed out on dating someone who is clearly amazing, unique and very smart. Do you think you could still get him back?

Group date!

Are you sure you're not an Uber driver? Did they think you were their Uber ride to the movies?

Was it a good picture?

Maybe it was his identical twin? Never mind, that would still be weird.

What a gift!

I'm trying to imagine this playing out in real life and I just can't. What a world we live in.

Happy ending alert!

This is exactly what I wanted to read today. There's hope for all of us!

Sounds like a keeper.

What's that phrase again? Oh yeah, it's "three strikes, you're out!"


Is anyone actually impressed by someone counting to 10 in Spanish? Like, is that a thing that impresses people?

This is amazing!

"Why can't they just see me for the person with thousands of dollars in the bank that I am? It's like they only notice my expensive shoes and very nice car."

What a coincidence!

Pretty bold move to take a taxi home when your husband is a taxi driver. I'm guessing he didn't discount her fare at all.

The Other Date

What does that mean? Was it a three-person date?! Was the other person her first date and you were the second? I need answers.

Goodbye forever.

Legend has it that he's still in the bathroom washing his hands.


This is not a good look. I hope she didn't take him back, and I hope that you got a different ride home. Share this with someone who recently had a bad date!