This Meme Illustrates Exactly What’s Wrong With Most Guys’ Apartments

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In 2018, I think it is time for everyone to admit that most men live like animals. In fact, I think beavers make nicer homes for themselves than human men between the ages of 18 and 80 do. I don’t know about you, but I have never come across a man’s apartment that didn’t either look like a serial killer lair or a skeevy sex dungeon. Those are the only two options.

One Twitter user was so kind to point out that when men live on their own, things can get ugly. Her tweet blew up, went viral, and then became a hilarious meme that I cannot stop laughing at. It is so good. I am sure she’s gotten some blowback, but you know what? She’s right. Guys do live in apartments like that and don’t see any issue.

Poor Kat Hasty had no idea what she was starting when she tweeted this:

It’s so true, though! Men don’t know how to decorate or buy furniture or live in a home.

Needless to say, the picture resonated with many people.

And most were in on the joke! Buckle up; this is hilarious.

This guy’s apartment is way too similar to the one Kat was in when she snapped that photo:

Why wouldn’t you have a stand to put your TV on? It can’t be comfortable to sit like that.

Even some brands responded:

But what DiGiorno didn’t think about is the fact that guys whose apartments look like this probably don’t even know how to cook a frozen pizza. They’re getting delivery.

Soon, this pic transcended its virality and became a hot meme.

Patrick Star lives under a rock. And coincidentally, so do most men.

There’s even a Simpsons version of the meme.

I can’t tell you how gross some guys’ apartments are. This picture is pretty accurate.

Joey and Chandler

Joey and Chandler’s apartment on Friends wasn’t terrible, but then there was that episode they got robbed and they ended up with no furniture. That was more realistic.

In the manger.

Ew, this apartment doesn’t even have walls? And is that a camel? Man men would let a camel into their apartment.

Pan’s Labyrinth

You know, aside from the creepy faceless creature in the back, this doesn’t seem so bad. Nice food selection, warm lighting– I’m into it.

Red room

Yes, this is the creepy otherworldly red room from Twin Peaks. But it looks scarily like a guy’s apartment I have been in. Once.

Hermit crab

Hermit crabs carry their homes on their backs. Straight-up hermits don’t have seating for visitors in their weird apartments.

Star Wars

Now, this place isn’t so bad. Bonus points if it comes with the little green guy. (I know that’s Yoda. Don’t @ me.)

Second life

Is this Second Life? Or some sort of other sad, world-building computer game? Whatever it is, it’s a little too real in terms of its sparseness.


I don’t know how brains work, but I looked at this photo and in less than a split second was like, “I know this. This is the Frasier set.” So I have to go lie down now.

Oscar’s trash can

Honestly, it’s so tight in there that he has to keep it clean. I’d visit Oscar’s trash can before some of the other apartments on this list.

Half house

I think this is the Sims. Maybe? It doesn’t have a roof. That’s a problem.

Gingerbread house

If a guy brought me back to his place and it looked like this, first I would confirm that he wasn’t an evil, child-eating witch in disguise, and then I would go to town on that door. It looks delicious.

Room 237

In case you don’t know, 237 is the room from The Shining where Jack goes and starts making out with that naked woman who turns old and rotting in his arms. Fun!

Man cave

That is one stinky looking man cave. (This is from an episode of Nathan For You. It’s a good show.)

The White House

Oh, I think plenty of people see an issue with who’s living in the White House. Almost everyone except for the guy who lives there has an issue with it.

Blue’s Clues

Steve from Blue’s Clues lived in an apartment with a big red chair and a blue dog. He sang a song whenever the mail came and he talked to all his objects. He was not OK.


Stepbrothers is the epitomical representation of the man-child phenomenon. This wasn’t even an apartment. This was their parents’ house!


I believe this is Patrick Bateman’s apartment from the movie, American Psycho. There is so much wrong with this picture.


You know, it’s dark and probably smelly and full of smoke. This feels like a lot of dude apartments I’ve been in.

Doll house

There’s nothing wrong with a simple life. But there is such a thing as something being a little too simple.

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill’s home from The Silence of the Lambs is a serial killer’s lair, so it’s not too far off from Kat Hasty’s original post.

La La Land

I believe this is Ryan Gosling’s character’s apartment in La La Land. Look at the walls, there’s nothing there.

Optical illusion

Issues?! Oh, I see issues. The staircases don’t lead anywhere. And I can’t tell which way is up!


Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment isn’t terrible. There are some pictures on the wall and stuff. But it was the ’90s, so it was a different time.

PeeWee’s Playhouse

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