Awkward Moments That Will Make You Physically Cringe

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Part of being a human being is experiencing awkward moments. They’re totally inevitable. We’ve all had awkward moments in our life that make us physically cringe when we think about them. While awkward moments are totally mortifying when they happen to us, we can’t deny that there’s something incredibly entertaining about them when they happen to other people.

It’s all part of the human experience, right? We can bond over our mortifying, humiliating stories and know that it’ll all be okay. Even if we still can’t get over how our crush turned us down in front of our entire 8th-grade class. Yeah, that was the worst. 

Here are some awkward moments that people have shared on the internet. They range from “I want to crawl into a hole forever” humiliating to “whoops this sucks but I’ll get over it” embarrassing. The thing about awkward moments is you can’t prevent them, so you just have to pick your head up and carry on.

We’ve definitely all over-shared with our Uber/Lyft drivers before. No? Just me? Carry on…

But you know what? I’m intrigued. Also, this name makes perfect sense. What is a trombone if not a “big brass side slide whistle?”

Why does “shiny crumb” sound so sweet though? Honestly sounds like a pet name for a loved one. “Come here my sweet little shiny crumb!”

If we all just started calling forks and knives “food weapons” do you think it would catch on?

Well, that’s something alright. Oh, moms. They’re just trying to stay hip with the kids!

The dramatics of it all! Hey, college can be stressful. Sometimes you just have to send a cry for help. It’s fine.

While this is certainly mortifying, it is also incredibly hilarious. There’s nothing worse than thinking someone is talking to you or waving to you when they actually aren’t. The horror! And the hilarity.

Even if it’s a complete stranger. Yikes.

At a drive-through, I had my credit card in my hand and a plastic fork in my mouth. I stuck my card in my mouth to put my car in 1st and scoot up to the window. When the lady held out her hand, I pressed a spit covered plastic fork into her palm, said “boop” for some reason, and then realized what I had done. I promptly put my car in gear and drove off without my food or my fork.Voltron_McYeti

My English teacher (female) came up to me during my prom and “fixed” my tie. Then she told me that her husband had a tie just like it. Then she started to cry, on my f*cking shoulder and told me that he cheated on her. I gently gave her a tap on the back and said “sorry” before walking away. As awkward as it gets. – Reddit user

First time I asked a girl to a dance, I was really nervous so I started tripping up on my words. I ended up saying “wondering….. dance….. me” she said yes and then I said “OK……..see….tomorrow”.iamharrison I feel for this person!

I tried to make a joke in front of 20 high school kids. And a teacher. It didn’t work. The joke was terrible. Everyone was listening. 3 seconds of awkward silence. I still think back to that moment sometimes and cringe. This event was 6 years ago, and I’ll still be cringing and thinking about it when I’m 60 years old, I’m sure of it.hardy22

I was in 7th-grade history class. We were talking about different sorts of housing options other than just a house. Well, my mother and I had been looking at condos recently so when the teacher asked: “Has anyone ever lived somewhere other than their house?” (It was a rich school, pretty much everyone in big houses.) So I raised my hand and answered: “Yeah my mom and I were looking into moving into a condom…” I had meant to say condominium but I spaced out halfway through. Needless to say, all the class of immature kids started laughing while I couldn’t figure out why.MrJustaFriend

Me and a girl had mutual crushes on each other last year which was sophomore year of high school. Everybody knew and a friend of mine called out her name brought her over to me and left. My mind went blank and all I could say was “so……” we stood there for about 30 grueling seconds and walked away in the same direction. Hell.jdizzle46

I used to go to a lot of camps and at the end of those camps, we have sort of a prom. We ( the boys ) have to ask a girl to go with before the last night (that’s when the “prom” was going to happen). So it’s lunchtime and I decided to ask this girl… In front of everybody. I get up, go next to her, go down on one knee, offer her a flower, and ask her. She said “I’d love too but I’m not going to the “prom.” I’m going home early” Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Of. My. Life. – Reddit user

Locking myself out of my apartment, wearing only my underwear. I was being lazy, thinking I didn’t need to put on clothes to go throw out the trash in the garbage chute, since it’s right next to the door to my apartment. Well, turns out that it was pretty windy that day, so my door slammed shut when a strong gust blew through my open balcony door. Which was the exact moment I had stepped outside. That was a bit of an awkward moment, having to ring the door of my elderly neighbor, asking to borrow her phone.Sebbe

Decided to be that funny guy and flip off the teacher when she turned to write on the board. I kinda forgot that was the day the principal was observing the class in the back of the room…Maryjane42069

This was a few years ago when I was in grade 11. I was 16 at the time. The girl I liked sat at the desk in front of me and we talked often. Once I got to like her more it got to my head and I lost all ability to woo her. It was dreadful. One day, I said hello to her ask I sat down at my desk. Then, I remembered her birthday was that day. So I said in a quivering voice: “Hey, girl’s name, happy birthday! High five!” And I put up my hand, and without looking at me she just barely high five’d me. She turned around and we didn’t speak again for the rest of class. I think I lost sleep over thatSaltonious

Was at a restaurant and had a VERY attractive waitress. Decided to be super creepy and sneak a pic of her to show one of my friends (who was always doing the same) and didn’t realize the flash was enabled on my phone. The picture was of her looking straight into my camera, looking confused/completely creeped out. This was before we ever even ordered. Never have I wanted so much to crawl into a hole and die. That was the last time I ever left my house.baconlion The lesson here? Never do this.

In kindergarten, I frequently got in trouble for interrupting my teacher. During the end of the year play, I really had to piss and was too afraid of what my teacher might do if I interrupted her. So… I just decided to piss my pants. I think my teacher felt just as bad as I did. whatdoesthefoxsay33

I don’t think it’s the most awkward moment of my life but it’s kinda funny regardless. I went to the hospital to get a check-up on my chest pains. The male nurse asked what medicine I’m on. I answered his question and then he just stared directly into my eyes and said, “Those pills give me awful and terrifying dreams. I had one where I was strapped down and this man pulled the skin off my son and tortured him.” He just then looked down and left the room. – Dragonface895

For some weird reason in middle school, I was in a band that opened for our Youth Group. I remember one song we played was by Linkin Park back when they did a bit of screamo. Well, we decided to cover a song (can’t remember which one) that involved the line (being screamed) “Put me out of my misery”. As I played my bass I realized what a mistake we were making. the song ended. No one clapped. I cringed so god damn hard and still do thinking of THAT moment.brintnall12

First real date with the woman who would become my first wife. On the way home, we stop at a convenience store. Before I get out of the car I see a female friend and she steps over to the car. Me: “Hello Emily. I’d like you to meet…” Totally forgot my dates name! Believe me, I was never able to live THAT down in 27 years of marriage!HazDaGeek

Back in 5th grade, I had liked this one guy since I met him back in the beginning of 4th grade. Well, one day he comes up to me and tells me he likes me. I didn’t know what to do and being that weird awkward girl, and he being the most popular guy in class, I decided to run out of the classroom while screaming. Didn’t stop for at least a few minutes. That was awkward.Midnitemare

I was an awkward teen and was flirting with this girl. Everything was going smooth. She asked me if I wanted to make out. I freaked out and blurted, “What if I get you pregnant?”PotatoAvengerr

Halfway through telling a minute long joke in front of ~20 people, I suddenly realize that I can’t actually remember the punchline. I carried on with the joke, hoping that it might come to me, but I ended up just making up something that didn’t make sense and wasn’t the least bit funny, and I’m guessing it was fairly obvious that I’d completely f*cked up the joke.  – Reddit user

One time I was out driving with a friend I knew professionally. We’ve been together in groups a lot, but this was our first time on a trip to an event, with only us two. I made a point about how you really know that you’re friends with somebody: if you can be completely silent, without it being awkward.
What followed after that statement was 10 minutes of the most super-awkward silence you can imagine.

Speaking with a buddy that I hadn’t seen in a few months.
Him: so whatever are you doing for work these days?
Me: (I honestly don’t remember what my job was at the time, but the story is below, sorry)
Him: do you like it?
Me: meh, it’s better than delivering pizzas. What are you doing for work?
Him:… Delivering pizzas.

We all experience awkward moments. When they happen to us, they’re not fun.

It’s pretty dang entertaining. Share this article with a friend who delights in awkward moments!