Childbirth is a miracle. Bringing a baby into this world is one of the most singular experiences a person can have. And babies are little wonders. They are people, but they are very new and very small and don't know very much about the world or how to survive in it. They rely on their loving parents or guardians to guide them through life.

But occasionally, you come across a baby who, at a very young age, has clearly seen it all. These kids may have just been born mere months, weeks, days, or even minutes ago, and yet, they have the wisdom of a thousand lives in their eyes and the wrinkles of an old person who has lived for many decades. These are old babies, and they are just as adorable as they are funny looking. And this, of course, is a place where I compiled a list of the best, cutest old babies I could find.

Benjamin Button had an actual disease.

These babies aren't real-life Benjamin Buttons, but they do look like old people, and it's just super funny, OK? OK.

Company photo

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Um, what is this formal photo? I love it. It looks like this baby just got promoted to partner at his firm.

Excuse me

"Excuse me, do you happen to know where I can find the original Don Quixote? I have a hankering for some light reading."

Grumpy old man

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Don't get this guy started on gluten, and gluten-free, and quinoa. If it's not meat and potatoes, it's not going in his mouth.

Happy businessman

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This little nugget just moved six units today! Being a vacuum salesman isn't easy work, but the rewards are significant.

Oh dear

This baby is your chemistry teacher who was definitely a nerd in high school but it doesn't matter because he's so smart he's actually become cool.

Don't give me that

This baby is not buying your baby talk. Talk to him like a grownup. He clearly is one.

Wallace Shawn

Okay, this baby looks exactly like Wallace Shawn. I think it is a compliment to both parties, honestly.

Speaking of look-alikes

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This is the most Danny DeVito looking baby I have ever seen in my life aside from actual Danny DeVito, who is also the size of a baby.


This little girl was just having a nice little nap in her protective womb, then all of a sudden she's being pushed out into a brand new world. I'd be pissed, too!

Already tired

This baby has been alive for a day and is already over it. I get it. There's a lot happening in 2018. It's exhausting.


Oh my god, how cute is this little baby with albinism? He's got the perfect little old man bald head with white hair on the sides.

Used car salesbaby

"All right, you guys. You're driving a hard bargain. Let me talk to my momager and see what we can do for you. Yes, I meant momager. My mom is my manager."


Look, I would be upset too if I was made to put on a silly costume and then had my picture taken. This baby is too old for that crap.

A little shut-eye

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"Wake me up when the steak is done and the game is on. I'm just gonna get a little shut-eye until then."

No fun

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This kid is wise beyond his years. He's already got that signature old-man pout down. That usually takes years to perfect.


Is it just me or does this baby give off a strong "Norm-from-Cheers" vibe? George Wendt does sort of look like a big baby, so I don't think I'm far off.

The outfit

OK, this might be the most well-dressed tiny baby I have ever seen. He looks like he's going out for a paper in 1945.

Off my lawn!

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This baby really does have the face of a grumpy old-woman character in a TV show, that knocks her cane against the fence and tells kids to get off her lawn. I can't wait to be her someday.

Happy baby

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This was taken right after his dentures fell out when he tried to blow out the candle on his birthday cake for his 93rd birthday.

Listen up

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"Hey kid, you want to hear a joke? I got a million of 'em, and they're guaranteed to make you laugh. Knock knock."

Pouty face

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Those wrinkles and that frown are resembling all the years of back pain, trouble reading, and the hearing loss of an 80-year-old man.

So many wrinkles

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Like, how does a baby get this many wrinkles? I call this baby "California Raisin" because that's what he looks like.

Contemplating life

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Never have I seen such a pensive and contemplative baby. I bet he's thinking, "How much longer do I have to let these crazy people dress me in sports onesies?"

Gordon Ramsay

Oh my gosh, this baby looks just like Gordon Ramsay. I doubt that he has the same...vocabulary, though.

Steve Buscemi

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This baby is a little cuter than Steve Buscemi (not that he's not cute), but I just love the expression on her face. It's like, "This is what the world is?! Can I go back now?"

Hey there!

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She's two days old and already she's thinking, "How dare he just reach in there with his hands? There are toothpicks there for a reason, Ted!"

Perfect shot

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Either this kid has just entered an existential crisis, or he is trying really hard to poop, or both at the same time. It's impossible to tell.

Richard Branson baby

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This baby looks like an eccentric billionaire who founded a certain airline. But seriously, his hair is luxurious.

Gandalf the Gray

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This baby looks like he possesses all the wisdom in the world. Share this with someone to make them smile!