Baby Dies During Baptism After Its Head Was Put Under Water | 22 Words

A 6-week-old baby tragically died this week during a Romanian Orthodox baptism ceremony after its head was held under water 3 times by the priest.

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Now, there's nothing quite as rewarding as parenthood...

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The love between a parent and their child is something unlike any other feeling on earth... It's a pretty magical thing.

But at the same time, there's nothing quite as terrifying as something happening to our babies...

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And sadly, many parents out there have experienced the tragedy of losing a child - something no parent should ever go through.

We can do everything in our power to protect our children...


But sometimes, accidents can happen in the most unlikely of places where we least expect them.

And this brings us to today's tragic story.


A 6-week-old baby in Romania died earlier this week after being baptized in a sacred Romanian Orthodox ceremony... and it's gotten people feeling both devastated and angry.

On Monday this week, a traditional Romanian Orthodox church baptism was taking place.


This practice involves the baby being completely submerged underwater 3 times in a row while the priest holds their nose to make sure they don't breathe in any water.

But in this week's instance, it was clear the priest didn't follow these safety guidelines.


The 6-week-old baby suffered a cardiac arrest almost immediately after the baptism process, resulting in the infant being rushed to the hospital.

Tragically, the little boy died in hospital a few hours later...


And the autopsy later revealed liquid in his lungs - determining the cause of death as a drowning.

Prosecutors have opened a manslaughter probe against the priest in the northeastern city of Suceava.


And according to The Guardian, an online petition is calling for changes to the religious ritual and has already garnered more than 56,000 signatures.

"The death of a newborn baby because of this practice is a huge tragedy," said a message with the petition, "This risk must be ruled out for the joy of baptism to triumph."

Local media then recounted several similar incidents in recent years.


Church spokesman Vasile Banescu said priests could pour a little water on the baby's forehead instead of full immersion. But Archbishop Teodosie, leader of the Church's traditionalist wing, insisted the ritual would not change.

Rest in Peace to the poor baby who lost his life due to this traditional yet dangerous ritual.


‚ÄčOur deepest condolences go out to the family during this terrible time and we hope that changes will be made soon in order to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.