Baby Elephant Tries To Hide Behind Light Pole After Being Spotted Eating Sugarcane

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Asian elephants are a greatly respected species in Asian continents, and one particularly cute specimen has captured the internet’s attention this week…

Now, the Asian elephant is a majestic species.

With it being the largest mammal on the Asian continent, this species of elephant is greatly respected in cultures all around Asia.

The Asian elephant is usually spotted in groups of around 6 or 7 females, and they are known to join other groups of elephants to form a larger group.

And they are very much loved and respected across the Asian continents.

And many religious groups worship these beautiful animals.

These elephants are that loved, in fact, that they are celebrated every year…

The Elephant Festival in India is celebrated every year in Jaipur, and it focuses solely on the Asian elephant and its contributions to Indian culture. It attracts thousands of guests and it is very much a big part of Indian culture.

The Elephant Festival was canceled in the years 2012 and 2014 due to protests from animal activists.

The Temple of the Tooth, Buddhism’s holiest shrine in Sri Lanka, holds the annual festival with traditional drummers and dancers as well as nearly 100 tamed Asian elephants.

And the majority of these majestic animals are treated with respect and are looked after efficiently and kindly.

From seeing the way in which wild animals were treated in circuses, it is clear that some animals that are tamed and are kept in sanctuaries and captivity will be abused and mistreated at the hands of sick and twisted individuals.

Save Elephant Foundation is a foundation that is dedicated to protecting Asian elephants all across the continent.

“It is our mission to save the Asian elephant from extinction and give domesticated elephants a life worth living by preserving habitat and increasing public awareness on humane treatment practices,” the foundation stated.

They encourage the kind and respectful treatment of all elephants…

The foundation gives tourists and guests the opportunity to visit and meet the elephants that are under their care, which involves bathing, stroking, and feeding the animals, rather than riding them.

Thanks to its very human reaction to being caught in the act!

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