Baby Gender Reveals That Are Actually Pretty Amazing

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One of the most interesting phenomena to have emerged over the past decade or so is that of the “gender reveal.”

Back in the day, your doctor would tell you whether your baby was a boy or girl during your ultrasound (assuming you wanted them to).

You’d spread the news to your friends and family and go on with your life. Of course, even further back in the day, people had no idea what gender their kid would be until they were born.

But these days, many want to celebrate every bit of new information about their child with a formal announcement.

Obviously, we can’t all be like Beyoncé and break the Internet every time we make an announcement. But we can be a little bit extra when it comes to announcing the sex of buns in the oven. Here are a few ways to make that announcement that have a bit more pizzazz than a phone call to announce “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!”

A bunch of people are using these awesome colored smoke bombs.

They look so ethereal and magical! You know the photos from this shoot turned out absolutely amazing.

Drumroll, please…

This is exactly the kind of fanfare that an expecting parent deserves when they announce their child’s sex. I also wouldn’t say no to a full parade.

This couple has friends in high places.

They somehow got the entire Ferris wheel to light up as their gender reveal! How cool is that?

Time to get silly!

This couple had their friends and family spray silly string all over the crowd — pink for a girl, blue for a boy. Who doesn’t love silly string? Nobody, that’s who. This next reveal is pretty darn epic.


I think we can all agree that if using fireworks is an option to announce absolutely anything in your life. It is 100 percent the option you should choose.

Ooh, sports!

Nice kick, dad! (If I tried something this, that football would have gone straight into someone’s face. Or just dropped unceremoniously to the ground.)

There’s a light in the darkness.

This couple also clearly knows the right people. Imagine being able to celebrate with the entire city of New York!

This video is long, but the reveal is worth it.

They used some kind of hydrophobic substance to paint the words “It’s a girl!” on their driveway. Science!!!

Here’s a twist on a classic:

We’ve all seen the box full of balloons technique, but this couple did something a little different. Only one balloon floated up, revealing the sex of the baby. More science! This next reveal is great for anyone who loves cars.

Peel out!

This is a fun one. Not only does the crowd get to find out the sex of the baby, but the dad also got to have fun while revealing the surprise! Plus, it just looks super cool.


The dad’s joy at this reveal is infectious. Also, is it just me or is there a giraffe running across the field at the end of the video?

Another box!

Here’s another twist on the box-of-balloons idea. Fill one box with balloons and streamers and leave the other one empty. When the time comes to reveal the news, dump them both upside-down!

Let’s get artistic.

The photos are art! The painting is art! That is one artistic family, alright.


This one also uses paint, but with an added twist: The canvases also reveal the baby’s name! This next idea is great for Halloween.


If you happen to be revealing the sex of your baby around Halloween, why not get some pumpkins in the mix? Here’s another one that uses those cool smoke bombs.

Or there’s this!

Aww, Mom’s pumpkin has a little pink pumpkin “in the oven!” Too cute, I tell ya.

This one’s v. classy:

Hop aboard the letterboard train! This announcement is super classy and lovely.

This one’s not quite as “classy.”

But it’s just as informative! After all, that’s the info people are looking for, right?

This is another progressive option:

Don’t forget: Gender is a spectrum! No cake or balloons or smoke bombs will dictate exactly what your child will be like as they grow up!  

More paint!

This is such a cute set of pictures. Bonus: You can keep that T-shirt as a nice memento if you use some kind of fabric paint!

Blow it up!

Only one of the balloons actually inflates; the other is a prank balloon that won’t, no matter how hard you blow. Brilliant.

And speaking of balloons…

You could also take two standard balloons and pop the “wrong” one. Seems cathartic, no?

Paint it pink (or blue)!

If you’re planning on painting your nursery either pink or blue, this paint color reveal could be just the thing you’re looking for!

Oooh, glitter!

This one is quite clever! Glue one color of glitter to your hand in a half-heart shape, then lay glitter (without the glue!) on the other hand. When you blow, only one color will remain!

Gone fishin’.

Yep, this idea’s a keeper.

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

Here’s another fun way to reveal the sex of your baby (or babies!), while also showing off their unique style.

Here’s another clothes-related one:

I love the idea of having the clothesline lift up from the box like that. Perfect photo op!

Another twist on the balloons-in-a-box.

Rather than going with basic pink or blue balloons, why not get those cool letter balloons and spell out the word?

More science!

If you ever made a volcano for a science fair, you’re gonna rock this gender announcement. Just do the same thing…but add food coloring!

Girl Or(eo) boy?

I’m a firm believer in food-related reveals. Everyone’s happy if they get to eat a snack! Here’s an easy way to make gender reveal Oreos!

Fizzy surprise!

These little bath-bomb-looking tablets fizz when you put them in water and change it a different color! How magical!  

Light ’em up.

There’s also this cute candle that reveals the color only after you light it. Way to add a little mood to your gender reveal gathering.

Scratch off and see.

Did you know you can create your own scratch-off cards? Well, you can! And you should!

Tie the knot…

…Then untie the one you want to remove. It’s simple. It’s clever. And, it doesn’t cost a bunch of money, either!

Time to raid the closet.

This idea is similar to the last one. Wear a blue and a pink tie and/or scarf, then remove the “wrong” one for your reveal.

Let the kiddos get involved!

If you already have a kid, why not let them be involved in the reveal? With this one, they get candy, so you know they’ll be game.

Under my umbrella.

I don’t totally understand how they managed this, but it looks like someone poured blue-colored liquid over the couple under the umbrella. This is another great option for photos!

More glitter, you say?

The glue is invisible, but already on the canvas. So smart! (As a slight variation to this idea, you could pour a bunch of glitter onto the (glued) canvas, then blow it all off to reveal the message underneath!)

Three points!

Again, if you have some athletic ability, working sports into your announcement might be super fun! (For me, it’d probably take 30 tries before I even got near the box.)


If you can’t go all out with fireworks, you can still enjoy a pyrotechnic gender reveal. Just get some pink or blue sparklers and light ’em up.

More candy!

Once again: You can eat this reveal announcement. Therefore, people will love it.

Cake pops!

Same goes for this one. And who doesn’t love a good cake pop?!

The inside scoop.

OK, I love this idea — especially with a big brother or sister in the pics, but it would work out amazingly if the parents were the ones enjoying the ice cream. As long as someone gets ice cream, I am a big fan of this idea.

Here’s another very classy picture:

The layout is just so lovely, isn’t it? Very Instagram friendly! Share this with someone who’s expecting!