When one young mom noticed a slightly unusual mark on the roof of her baby's mouth, she had every right to be concerned. However, after a trip to the doctor's office and some good old-fashioned viral treatment online, she was left feeling a little silly after finding out what the mark actually was...

Being a new mom can be stressful.

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It's a traditional part of new parenthood - you freak out over anything that your child does that's slightly out of the ordinary.

You will over-analyze their every move.

Did they just walk with a limp? Did they just cough in a different way to last time? Are they blinking weird?!

The questions and the panics will be endless.

And the doctor's room will become your second home.

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You'll hate to admit it, but you'll become a low-key regular at your doctor's.

Though things can get embarrassing when you're proven wrong.

Even though you know your baby better than anyone else, there's always the likelihood that you might have overreacted just a little bit. It's never nice to be told that you're wrong, and even worse when it's coming from a doctor with a long waiting list.

Some cases are more embarrassing than the rest.

Going to the doctor's can be embarrassing for all of us. No matter what the issue is, it simply isn't a pleasant experience.

Most of us don't enjoy discussing the grizzly details of our malfunctioning bodies, so laying it bare to a doctor can be somewhat uncomfortable.

And one mom-of-2 has a story that's the most embarrassing of them all.

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I'm sure that everyone is convinced that they have the most humiliating story. But, I'm sure that you'll reevaluate after reading this unfortunate mom's story of her trip to the emergency room.

This story is particularly embarrassing.

One mom spotted a strange, circular mark in her baby's mouth. She tried and failed to remove the mark, so she decided to consult a doctor.

This is when things get weird...

The mark looked like a hole.

Things escalated...

And Becky Stiles, twenty-four, took her baby to the emergency room.

She then noticed something odd...

The mark looked almost metallic.

This is when things got embarrassing.

She then managed to successfully remove the mark. Only, it wasn't a birthmark. It wasn't a dangerous skin ailment, or any other form of naturally-occurring skin condition, for that matter.

It was a sticker.

Yes, you read that correctly.

"Any1 else's child make you look and feel like a prat?"

"Changing a nappy, I see a 'hole' in the roof of his mouth, tried to see if I could get to it but he just screamed."

"Quick rush to a&e and it was sorted at the door."

"It was a bloody sticker."

You can see Becky's full post here.

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