Grandma Refuses To Acknowledge Her First Grandchild as Family Because He’s Named After a Video Game Character

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Another week, another truly inspired post on the Reddit AITA forum. Now, we all know that choosing a baby’s name can be a contentious issue – but one story shared on the internet’s biggest chat room has the whole internet talking this week.

A Redditor shared that he and his wife are huge gamers. In fact, it was gaming that brought the pair together, as they met playing online. Since the pair realized they were expecting a baby, there was an obvious place to find baby name inspiration. But this has caused big issues within the OP’s family.

“My wife and I were both greatly moved by the story of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2. We consider him one of the best fictional characters of all time. I’ve been playing video games for a long time and his story is the only one to ever make me cry. It was my wife who suggested that we use Arthur Morgan as the first and middle name for our son. Not only would we be paying tribute to our favorite character, but there’s nothing wrong or ‘weird’ about the names, other than Arthur is a little old-fashioned now. But it isn’t as if we’re naming him Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong.”

Well, it turned out the OP’s family were less than impressed with the idea. In fact, his mom had a different idea for the baby name, inspired by an uncle the OP had never really met. And this conflict got bad. “My older brother left slip to my mother that the name we chose was from a video game character and she completely flipped out.”

But the OP stood firm. “I understand that she still misses my uncle, but while this is may be her grandchild, he is still first and foremost our son and we already think of him as Arthur. That’s going to be his name no matter how she feels about it. When we tried gently (and then firmly) to advise her that we respected her position but that we weren’t going to budge on ours, she walked out and told us that she would have nothing to do with our son and would never acknowledge him as family.”

The poster then asked whether he was in the wrong in this instance. But it seems the internet is pretty much unanimously on his side. “NTA,” the most popular comment on the thread reads. “Your child, you and your spouse’s choice. That simple.”

Another Redditor went a little deeper, adding, “Just leave her to it, she will come running back because of course, she will want to be part of her son and grandson’s life. She might need some grief counseling though, sounds like she is still deeply affected by her brother’s death. NTA.”

What do you think of this parenting conundrum?