Baby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree Released Into the Wild

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One small story may just have rescued the horror show of 2020…

Because we all know that 2020 has truly been a bizarre year!

And there’s a lot to love about Christmas time.

The movies, the snow…

The decorations.

The tree, of course!

Well, we’re confident in saying that all New Yorkers know which one it is!

But this year, the tree had some slightly different decorations.

But there was a little extra touch this year!

And the internet went wild.

Having hitched a ride all the way to the big city.

But thankfully, she was totally fine and has since been rescued.

Which is the Christmassy ending we all needed.

And the owl is now back where she belongs.

She’s been named Rockefeller – so cute!

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