Baby Girl Cuddles Twin For The First Time After Doctors Said She ‘Wouldn’t Make It’

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A heartwarming story has broken the internet this week, with sweet pictures that need to be seen to be believed …

There’s been a huge reaction from so many parents online.

Read on to hear what they had to say…

Now, as all parents can agree…

There’s nothing like holding a newborn for the first time.

Because having a baby is both physically and emotionally exhausting…

And things can be even worse if there are complications.

One mom gave birth to twins, and was told one wasn’t going to make it.

But the baby proved to be a fighter, and managed to meet their twin.

The pictures are absolutely adorable.

And the internet clearly agrees.

“They had me up the wall. I was going to the hospital twice a week as Neve, her placenta was deteriorating,” mom Laura Hough explained.

“Her and Louie were in separate bags and he was fine but it was affecting her blood flow so I had to have an emergency C-section.”

“For a good few weeks I was carrying them I kept getting told by the hospital that she wasn’t going to make it.”

The babies were delivered by emergency C section, with Louie weighing over 3lbs and his sister at just over 1lb.

“About two nights ago one of the other babies was being moved to a different unit so they brought Neve down and put her in the same room as her brother.”

“Then yesterday they put them both in the same incubator at the same time.”

“They ended up with their arms over each other, their legs crossed and holding hands.”

“All the doctors who come and see her have a soft spot for her, and they’re made up with the both of them.”

“They said they’ll miss them when they leave because they need more little fighters like that to keep them going.”​

Our hearts!!