You Can Now Buy a Babygro With a Built-in Mop So Your Little One Can Help With With the Chores

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Being a mom in this day and age is hard. It definitely feels like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and then you look around your house and you have to wonder when was the last time you cleaned?

Well, your kids are never too young to help out, even the baby!

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This ExlinAlesha Baby Romper will have your little one crawling around after you while you wash the dishes – and mopping the floor as they go!

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You will have the house spotlessly clean and feel like you’re multitasking at the same time. Well, Halloween is creeping closer, and one creative mom decided to use the babygro as a cute costume to make a dust bunny!

No more feeling guilty for leaving your baby to clean the house…

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Made of high-quality cotton which is soft and comfortable on the skin, the little baby will be warm while they go around cleaning up the little dusty spots you just can’t reach. It even comes in an array of different colors like orange, blue and pink!
They’re also machine washable!

“I wish we would’ve bought more of these. I want our little one to wear one of these onesies every day. Our hardwood floors have never been cleaner but don’t expect them to do a good job on the stairs,” one customer wrote.

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This is the greatest idea for a gift or a prank so you definitely have to get it!
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