Everyone loves Oreos and everyone loves bacon, but the two together? I'm just not sure it's going to work... But for some people, it's become a staple snack in their households.

It's a pretty simple recipe too.

You just grab some bacon and wrap them around Oreo biscuits, double stuffed if you're feeling particularly wild, and then throw them on the grill until the bacon looks nice and crispy. And if you want to get a little spicy with it, then just top them off with some peri salt or before you grill, rub a bit of BBQ sauce, and voila, there you have it - Bacon wrapped Oreos!

But as imaginative as it sounds, in my head, it's still too wild of a combination. I mean think about it, it's like having the equivalent of having ice cream and noodles. They're both great on their own and bring me happiness in very different ways, but put them together and I'm suddenly repulsed beyond belief.

However, some social media users have tried it out and surprisingly, they're loving it.

"I do this but I'd also dip it in some kind of yummy batter and then deep fry it," wrote one person.

Another added: "Honestly didn't know what to expect but the taste is amazing and it reminds me of the fall fair food."

A third also prompted their followers to give it a go writing: "Sweet, savory, smoky, spicy. These are decadently delicious."

Check out some of their creations below:

Even though I'm still not fully sold on the idea, I can admire the creativity and who knows? Maybe one day I'll be snacking on the sweet and savory combination.