Having "the talk" with kids can be a tricky business. While it's a totally natural part of biology and human behavior, plenty of parents avoid the topic of (whispers) s-e-x because it can be awkward or uncomfortable, or because they're just afraid they're going to screw it up completely.

For example, the first time my oldest daughter unexpectedly found a tampon and started asking questions, I tried to explain that they go "inside your body" to which my poor horrified girl responded, "YOU EAT THEM???"


One eight-year-old girl is gaining Internet fame for her first discovery of period gear, and she was no less confused than my own daughter was.

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Poor thing was just minding her own business, filming a makeup tutorial (as one does), probably dreaming of YouTube fame the same way I dreamed of landing on MTV while singing into a hairbrush back when I was eight years old. To any of you youngsters out there, MTV used to have music on it. I know, weird. But I digress. She clearly wasn't sure what to make of the pantyliner at first, but she didn't let that slow her down! It was in the makeup bag, so obviously it's some sort of makeup thing, right?

Maybe it's for blending your foundation?

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Nah, that can't be right, because soon she discovers the lining on the back. Her face is absolutely priceless as she peels it back and discovers it's sticky on one side for reasons that her eight-year-old mind can, for obvious reasons, not even begin to fathom.

Not one to be easily deterred, the girl goes with the flow (no pun intended) and seems adorably determined to find this weird-looking cotton swab's purpose.

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That's still not right, but truth be told, they would be pretty great for blotting lipstick. So, she's not exactly wrong here.

Oooh, no wait, clearly it's a sticky pad for...protecting your T-zone?

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Okay, still not quite there, although I had plenty of breakouts in my teen years that probably could have benefited from a forehead pad, just to give me something to hide behind if nothing else. How could she ever be expected to guess what this thing is truly for? She couldn't, but the Internet has been loving the sweet innocence of her guesses ever since her sister, who goes by @JaidenPark, posted the video clip to Twitter.

We can all remember the confusion of our first encounter with a tampon or pantyliner, making this one of the most relatable 40-second videos most women have ever seen.

By now someone has surely clued her in to the true purpose of the beauty blender she'd rubbed all over her face, and hopefully they did it with the same maturity and straight-talk I used when I told my youngest daughter about pads. I described them as "long, absorbent stickers for your underwear." Which, while technically correct, still isn't nearly as good a use for them as blotting lip gloss, if you ask me.