‘Bagel Karen’ Who Spewed Racial Hate at Cashier Says She Can’t be Racist Because She’s ‘39% Nigerian’

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We all saw the story about the anti-masker “Karen” who shouted racist slurs at a cashier. Well, after all the backlash, she has spoken out to say she can’t actually be racist.

But it didn’t take long for people to debunk her eyebrow-raising claims…

The viral video showed an employee of New York’s Davidovich Bakery refusing to serve the woman without a face mask…

So she responded with a racist attack.

And after being called out, she has tried to defend herself…

And her comments are shocking…

And now we’re in 2021, things seem as though they’re very slowly returning to normal.

But there are still some precautions we must all take in the meantime while they do…

Including wearing masks, but that seems to have been the biggest topic of debate for the past year with some people claiming they work to keep others protected, while others refused to believe it.

Yes, they’re uncomfortable, yes, it’s not the norm in most societies, but neither is a global pandemic.

So we must follow protocols in order to protect each other.

So overall, you’d think the pros would outweigh the cons, right?

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Well, despite the experts’ advice to stay covered in public areas, there are still people refusing to listen.

And it’s these people who have undoubtedly contributed to the length of this terrible pandemic.

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When will people learn?!

But one anti-mask story has absolutely horrified the internet this week…

Stephanie Denaro who was refused service for not wearing a mask, hit back at a worker with racial slurs, and customers caught the whole thing on video.

People were left outraged by the clip…

Stephanie, who has since been dubbed “Karen” by viewers…

Could be seen arguing with the worker at Davidovich Bakery in the Essex Market.

A security guard then approaches her explaining she would not get served, so had to leave.

“Why?” she responded. “Because he’s a bitch-ass n***er?”

Bystanders were vocally outraged by her comment…

To which she responded: “That’s what he is. I can call him whatever I want.”

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Stephanie Denaro of Queens complains…

“They’re forcing people in New York City to wear masks.”

“It’s political theater,” Denaro said.

“I don’t believe in COVID-19. It’s a hoax to convince people to use absentee ballots to steal the election from Donald Trump.”

When she was called out for her racial slur, she said: “All of my children have a Black father. That’s a term I’ve heard them use all my life.”

“Hate has no place in our city or in the properties that we manage,” a spokesperson for the Essex Market said.

However, the NYPD said that no 911 or 311 calls were made from the market on that date…

Davidovich Bakery praised its worker. “We want to commend our employee on his handling of the sad incident which occurred at the Essex Market,” the business wrote on Facebook. “As is true with any family an attack on one member of the family is an attack on all of us.”

And now, Stephanie Denaro has tried to defend herself…

“All of you hating on me for no reason! News flash!!!! I AM BLACK!!!!!” Denaro posted on Instagram hours after the video went viral.

“My skin color does not look dark but my ancestry results came back as me being black! So do not be mad at me no more.”

“Leave me alone!!! As a young black woman I love all of you!!”

The post included a statement declaring that the “black and African-American race is the only race allowed to use the n-word.”

She also attached a graphic showing an “ethnicity estimate,” claiming she is thirty-nine per cent Nigerian.

Although people were quick to point out they weren’t her results.

Denaro claims that 12 percent of her heritage is from the African nation of Mali, 8 percent is from the Africa Southeastern Bantu region, 4 percent is from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, 4 percent is from Senegal, and 2 percent is from Cameroon and Congo.

But it turns out she lifted them from an October 2017 article by Tech Crunch writer Megan Rose Dickey.

In the story, Dickey showcases her results from 23andMe.

But it gets worse… on Wednesday, Denaro posted another selfie.

“Good morning triggered libs!!!’ she wrote in the caption on Wednesday, adding a sun emoji. ‘New day, new life as a young black woman!!!! Nothing you can do to stop me.”

And again in another post from Wednesday, she wrote: “I will always love who I am. Sticks and stones may break my bones by words will never break me��!!”

“For all of you that get mad over words!!! Learn how to move on with life!
“Saying 1 word during a verbal fight is not the end of the world! I love all races. I love you all!!!!
“My kids are not the same color as me so stop painting me as something I am not.
“Regardless what you miserable people say I will always love myself!”

People were outraged by her comments…

Many users online have called for her to lose her job as well as her 4 children.

In another post, she can be seen holding one of her kids…

The caption reads: “Can’t be racist if I have black children.”

Check out the video that sparked it all…

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