Ball Girl Marissa Rohan Dubbed a Hero After Tackling Fan Who Ran on Field

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The Los Angeles Dodgers ball girl, Marissa Rohan, has been called a hero after she tackled a fan who ran onto the field during the game.

Marissa Rohan made the play of Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels after she tackled a fan who had run onto the field mid-game and was being chased by security.

But after several failed attempts to stop the intruder by security, Rohan, who wears a No. 93 Dodgers jersey on the field, did the job for them.

Rohan, who has worked for the team since 2019, waited until the fan got close to her before tackling and sending him over the barrier where security immediately swarmed him.

And just to make Rohan’s tackle, which has since gone viral, even better, she walked away as if nothing had happened after it!

Since the video of Rohan tackling the fan went viral, she has been swarmed with praise on social media.

“8 security… 1 ball girl…no problem!! lol,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“My man hit turbo at the Dodgers game and dusted the security guards, but couldn’t dodge the ball girl. I’ve watched a ton of linebackers on my teams miss this tackle. Sign her up,” said another.

Many even took to social media to call her a “hero.”

“This #Dodgers ball girl is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need,” one person said.

“WHO is the @Dodgers Ball Girl that tackled the intruder? She’s my new Hero! #Ballgirl #Dodgers,” another added.

While another wrote: “Ball girl is my hero. She just saved baseball. Glad that this guy will never step foot in Dodgers stadium again.”

But, while Rohan is swamped by praise, things aren’t so good for the fan on the pitch.

As per Dodgers Nation, a source reports that the Dodgers fan that ran onto the field will now be heavily fined. In addition to being arrested on trespassing charges, the fan will need to pay an undisclosed fine, will be on probation for 5 years, and is not welcomed at the Dodgers Stadium during that time.

Looks like we won’t be storming a Los Angeles Dodgers game any time soon!