Bar Owner Slams Woman Who Left One-Star Review for Not Being Allowed To Use Her Own Teabags

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A bar owner has slammed a woman who left a 1-star review because she wasn’t allowed to use her own teabags in the establishment…

​Kelvin Collins, who runs Ben Madigan’s Bar and Kitchen in Northern Ireland was left with a nasty shock after a customer left a negative rating because she was not allowed to use her own teabags.

The woman had asked for some free hot water and sugar so she could use one of her own personal tea bags to brew herself a drink. When she was refused service after the first cup for her unreasonable demands, she took to Good Reviews and slammed the bar’s service as “disgraceful.”

“Visited this afternoon,” she wrote. “I ordered one hot water and sugar and they wouldn’t serve me again because I used my own tea bag.”

“The bar was virtually empty and they weren’t under any pressure with only 2 bar staff working. As a local woman, I find it disgraceful that they would begrudge a 2p teabag because it ‘might as well be alcohol.’ AVOID,” she continued.
And the reviews didn’t stop there as one of her friends also join in, leaving yet another 1-star review and describing the same incident their “friend” had faced.

Collins had the support of social media for how he handled the complaint, writing this:

“There is a cost to my business for everything you were consuming while at Ben Madigan’s – heating/aircon, lighting, the staff that served you, the electricity to heat the water, the water itself, the dishwasher used to wash the cup and saucer, the sugar, our rent, the cost to clean the building – I could go on and on….but I won’t.”

On Twitter, he also added: “I think some people have no idea about business and think sure it’s just a 2p teabag.”

However, every cloud has a silver lining. As soon as people read about the incident, they assured the owner that they would be popping in to support his business soon.
Collins had explained how his bar had to close for thirteen out of the eighteen months that the area was in lockdown for and so it has been difficult to stay open and incidents like this just make it all the more difficult.

But it seems as if the customer has seen some sense (after some backlash of course!) and removed the review after she had a good ol’ chat with the owner.

Here’s some advice guys: Think before you make rash decisions in a bid to humiliate someone or their business, it could all come back to haunt you one day.