Bar Owner Who Stopped Showing NBA Games Because of LeBron James’ Tweet Says He’s ‘Never Been Busier’

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LeBron James recently came under fire for his controversial tweet directed at the officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant.

And it has caused one bar owner to stop showing NBA games completely…

The Cincinnati bar owner explained it will remain that way until the NBA expels LeBron James from the league.

Here’s the full story…

LeBron James was accused of “inciting violence” against a police officer…

After posting a “dangerous” tweet which has since been deleted.

Now, usually, LeBron James is known for his iconic basketball career.

The thirty-five-year-old is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all-time through his sensational career with the Lakers.

James is well immersed in the world of education and getting kids on the right track – using his influence for good.

And, throughout years of major success, he has always remained grounded and stayed true to himself.

And he loves his fans.

In fact, he loves the fans so much that not too long ago he vowed not to play basketball if fans weren’t allowed to attend.

And after taking a look into his life, his sporting expertise, and his generosity, it’s hard not to.

But his recent tweet has left a lot of people in shock…

LeBron tweeted a picture, that has now been deleted, of the police officer who shot and killed sixteen-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

Although it seems some think people are getting the wrong interpretation.

This is the tweet in question…

LeBron has since explained his decision to delete the tweet.

Saying his message was “being used to create more hate.”

He added, “This isn’t about one officer. it’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism.
“I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY.”

But not everyone accepts his response…

On Sunday, Jay Linneman, the owner of Linnie’s Pub, decided to boycott NBA after his tweet.

“If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub,” Linneman said.

“We will not air them until LeBron James has been expelled from the NBA. They just need to play the game, and that’s it,” Linneman said. “Their opinion doesn’t really matter. They’re using their position to push their opinions, and that’s just not right.”

After hearing the bar owner’s decision, James responded “Aww Damn! I was headed there to watch our game tonight and have a drink! Welp,” he tweeted.

But his response may have just helped fuel business for Linneman.

“The support for the position has been overwhelmingly positive and has far outweighed the negatives,” Linneman said.

“A gas station sign on Westbourne Road near Cincinnati’s West Side within a couple of miles of the pub in Delhi Township put up a sign below the price of gasoline: ‘Hey LeBron, the West Side thanks you. Linne’s has never been busier.'”

However, Linneman has made it clear his point is about supporting law enforcement.

“I hope people channel the support to law enforcement and not necessarily to Linnie’s Pub,” he said.
Read on for the full story surrounding Ma’Khia’s tragic death…