Barack and Michelle Obama Close Deal on Their Stunning $11.75 Million Vineyard Estate

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Our favorite former POTUS has decided that he needs some well-earned rest, along with his superstar wife. Barack and Michelle Obama have decided to go ahead with the purchase of an uber-luxe vacation home on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The estate, formerly owned by Boston Celtics owner, Wyc Grosbeck, has now been handed over to the Obamas.

And as you’ll find out later, the hefty price-tag meant that the property was pretty jaw-dropping. Alongside twenty-nine acres of coast, it also boasts seven bedrooms, a beautiful pool, an outdoor fire pit, and a kitchen fit for a chef. Want to peek inside? Read on.

Just look at all that land!

This is truly an intricately designed property. We can only imagine the games of hide-and-seek that could go down here.

Perfect for getting a quick workout in – or just sitting beside with a drink.

Look at all of those beautiful white goods. We’d kill for a go at cooking a meal in here.

Having a sink of one’s own is one thing – but imagine being able to use it while looking out over this beautiful view. Sigh.

And, if you can bear to get out of that bed, you also have access to a beautiful balcony.

We want to go back to our childhoods and tell ghost stories in here late at night.

Honestly, the views out of all of these windows almost act as framed art on the walls.

Well, why not settle down right here and enjoy it all day long, in absolutely cozy comfort?

Have you ever seen a more aesthetically pleasing picture of a toilet before?

There’s also balcony access, in case you’re in the need of some fresh coastal air.

The high up, vaulted look gives a truly luxurious feel to this room.

If we got in, you’d have a hard time getting us to leave.

This pool table can provide all of the family-friendly entertainment you’d need.

Alongside that high-ceiling fancy room, there’s this all chilled-out-seeming den.

Never fear – the home also boasts a beautiful conservatory, allowing you to really make the most of the views.

No big deal. But this one might be our favorite yet, with cozy log cabin vibes.

Honestly, this is getting ready goals. Those mirrors, plus the stunning natural light, would ensure flawless makeup every time.

We can’t imagine ever wanting to get out of this tub.

And is it just us, or does this have a hint of the Oval Office about it?

The simple interiors of the home combined with the majesty of the natural world outside is a killer combo.

This image really gives you an impression of the sheer size of this area – and, in fact, the house overall.

You can just peep another light and airy section of the home just around the corner, too.

This area is ideal for more of a cozy, family dinner.

It’s designed in a really cool way, with each room leading into another and connecting beautifully.

Never fear – the home also has this more specific, fancy dining area.

This sofa is clearly designed to allow anyone sitting to take in the stunning, 360-degree views.

Is it wrong that we just want to go into this room and yell as loud as we can?

Alongside the poolside, there’s also a wonderful dining area ideal for long summer evenings.

Well of course this property has you covered, with this ready-made sun terrace.

We could sit up there contemplating life for hours. 

The home also offers the perfect couple’s retreat. Imagine sharing a bottle of wine up here – dreamy.

This little picnic table would be the perfect place for a morning coffee and a good book.

Never fear – the coastal access means that there’s plenty of opportunity for watersports.

Complete with a satisfying walkway right up to your door.

Anyone else feeling seriously bummed that summer is nearly over?

Martha’s Vineyard was the haunt of the famous political dynasty, the Kennedys, seen here chilling on a yacht, because how else do you expect Presidential royalty to lounge about?

The couple had to pluck out a whopping $11.75 million. However, that is a drastic decline in price as it was originally listed for $14.85 million. I see the Obamas really know how to haggle!

The garage of this stunning property holds only 2 cars.  You know what? We’re not moving in anyone… Joking, we’re already packing our bags!

We hope that the couple enjoys a well-deserved relax. We can’t think of a better place to do it! And, if you’re in the mood to peek around another incredible mansion, keep scrolling!