Former POTUS Barack Obama has been quarantining with his daughter, Malia, and her boyfriend - and now, he has opened up about his experience.

Yep, even Obama has to deal with those awkward father-daughter moments.

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Keep scrolling to hear what he had to say on the matter...

Now, as you will all know, Obama was one of our country's most beloved presidents.

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The forty-fourth president of the United States, Obama smashed barriers by becoming the first-ever African-American leader.

He served 2 terms as president...

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The Illinois Democrat had started his career in politics as a senate who focused on the legislation on ethics, as well as the expansion of health care services and early childhood education programs for the poor.

And he carried these values throughout his presidency...

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Obama cut taxes for working families, small businesses, and first-time home buyers, and he stuck to his promise of tackling financial reform, alternative energy, and reinventing education and health care.

Obama became the president of the people...

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And gained a strong and loyal fan base as a result of his progressive views on social issues, such as same-sex marriage and gun control.

So, quite understandably...

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Obama fans far and wide were devastated when he was eventually replaced with our current POTUS, Donald Trump, in 2017.

But, despite his presidency ending nearly 4 years ago...

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Obama has remained very much in the public eye and has continued to travel the world and deliver speeches on the causes that are most important to him.

He was very present throughout the 2020 election campaigns...

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Where he attended many public events to endorse his former running-mate and long-term friend, Joe Biden.

And, in more recent news...

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Obama released yet another book.

A Promised Land hit shelves on Tuesday, November 18th.

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The book, which is the first in a series of political memoirs, charts Obama's path to the White House up to 2011, and documents the lead up to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

In it, the fifty-nine-year-old also reflects on his legacy...

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As well as the space between his presidential ambitions and the political reality of a Republican-controlled House and Senate that hampered him.

But, putting his presidency and overwhelming book success to one side...

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Like the rest of us, Barack has been required to self isolate for periods during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

And who has he been quarantining with?

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The rest of the Obama family, of course!

And this week, he has opened up about the Obama quarantine situation.

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Appearing on the Bill Simmons Podcast, Barack detailed what it was like to isolate with his daughters, Malia, twenty-two, and Sasha, nineteen.

He initially described it as a "blessing."

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“It’s a blessing because all the teenage stuff is kind of gone now, and they’re just back, and they love you again and they want to spend time with you," he explained. 

He said that, in the first month of lockdown, they were "like a lot of families"...

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"...We went through that first month where we were playing games every night and doing a little arts and crafts projects and then slowly, they started to get a little bored with us."

But he then shared that they had a guest staying with them during lockdown...

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Malia's boyfriend, Rory Farquharson.

Farquharson, who's from the U.K, found himself stuck in the U.S after getting a working visa...

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So the Obamas took him in.

"He’s British - wonderful young man. And he was sort of stuck because there was a whole visa thing and he had a job set up, so we took him in," Barack noted.

"And I didn’t want to like him but he’s a good kid."

Barack then noted how amused he was by Farquharson's food intake: "The only thing you discover: Young men eat. It's weird to watch them consume food... My grocery bill went up about thirty percent!"

Imagine eating all of Barack Obama's food?

At least Farquharson has the dreaded seal of approval from the in-laws, though! For more on the Obamas, keep scrolling...