In the last couple of weeks, former POTUS, Barack Obama has been doing the rounds on behalf of his former vice president and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

His loyalty has been astounding but his most recent stunt may have actually bagged the election for Joe Biden.

But what did he do? Well in perhaps the smoothest move of the entire election so far, Obama nailed an incredible three pointer and his response was perfect.

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Obama has been putting up one hell of a fight against President Trump's reelection.

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In the weeks leading up to the election day, the former POTUS has been campaigning tirelessly on behalf of his former colleague and close friend, Joe Biden. But his latest stunt is definitely his best yet, hell it could even bag the election for Biden.

His support has been unwavering...

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So much so that many have pointed out something about Obama's campaigning that they once believed to "not be possible."

Now, it's no secret that Obama and Biden share a lot of political respect for one another.

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Obama has previously described Biden as “the best Vice President America’s ever had" and said that selecting Biden as his running mate was “the best possible choice, not just for me but for the American people."

Their "bromance" is no secret, either.

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Despite having differences in the past, the pair quickly became close friends through their time working together, with Biden once telling NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: "I don’t like him, I love him."

So, when Biden's stab for the presidency came to light...

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It came as no surprise to many of us that Obama threw himself into campaigning for and supporting his friend.

Obama has hosted numerous rallies and campaign events in the weeks leading up to the election...

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Where he delivered many powerful speeches totally condemning President Trump's stint in the White House.

Obama has dealt Trump several blows throughout these damning monologues...

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And with the election now just days away, he has determinedly been drumming up the support for Biden.

He hasn't been holding back...

And people have been left completely awestruck by what they've been hearing.

For example...

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In a recent speech, Obama accused Trump of spending his final moments of the election complaining about the size of his crowd back in 2017. "Now, I’ve sat in the Oval Office with both of the men who are running for president," he said to the crowd. “In case you couldn’t tell, they’re very different people. I didn’t think Donald Trump would embrace my vision or policies but I did hope for the country’s sake he might show some interest in taking the job seriously."

He continued:

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"But he didn’t. He hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show that can give him the attention that he craves. And he does crave attention."

He has also ripped into Trump's handling of the pandemic.

Noting how Trump said there's not much he would change, Obama said: “Not much? You can't think of anything that you might be doing differently? Like maybe you shouldn't have gotten on TV & suggested we might inject bleach to cure COVID?"

As you can see, Obama has wasted no time in tearing down Biden's opponent...

And it has ultimately made many people notice the same, somewhat unexpected thing.

Obama has become Biden's wing-man.

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Yep, in a move none of us ever thought would happen, the former POTUS has stepped into a much more engaging and supportive role which was once filled by Biden himself.

Discussing Obama’s latest series of speeches on the BBC’s Americast earlier this month, the BBC’s Emily Maitlis said:

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“We saw something that I don’t think we could have imagined this time a week ago... that was Obama himself becoming Biden’s wingman."

She continued:

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"He was the funny man on stage, he was making the jokes, he was cracking the jibes."

Maitlis admitted that it was “weird" to think of Obama “playing the best man to Biden", rather than vice-versa.

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But hey, 2020 hasn't exactly been straightforward, has it?

Obama's latest stunt is his finest yet.

When he appeared at a school in Flint, Michigan with Joe Biden. As they were leaving the school's hall, Obama was passed a basketball, and without even thinking he dribbled, shot, and scored a beautiful three-pointer. Walking away Obama said: "That's what I do!"

Check it out below.

Everyone in the room was amazed by the shot and naturally after it appeared online the video went super viral. Even LeBron James was blown away, tweeting: "Now you just showing out now my friend!! That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!" It was pretty incredible to be fair.