Barack Obama Takes Bullhorn to the Streets to Shout for Biden | 22 Words

Barack Obama is the most admired man in the world - it's proven - and what he did for Biden, will make you love him even more...

If that's possible.

Despite bidding farewell to the White House 4 years ago...

Obama has evidently maintained an overwhelming fan base. And his latest stunt is sure to increase that tenfold...

The study to find who is the most admired man in the world, which is conducted every year, was the largest yet...

With YouGov interviewing 45,000 people in forty-two different countries and territories.

But how exactly was this list formulated?

Well, as you'd expect, it was a mammoth task. From January to March this year, YouGov gathered open-ended nominations from panelists across the selected countries and territories, asking them simply: "Thinking about people alive in the world today, which [man or woman] do you most admire?"

The nominations collected from the question were then used to compile the final list...

And the twenty men and twenty women who received the most nominations and were nominated in at least 4 countries were the ones to make the final cut.

And the battle for the winning spot was an incredibly close call.

The survey had some unexpected contenders, to say the least.

For example...

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For the first time in the poll’s history, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, was not at the top of the list, having been demoted to second place by Obama after 6 long years. Let's take a look at the top ten runner-ups...

In tenth place...

We have the "nicest guy in Hollywood", Keanu Reeves.

Elon Musk came in at 9th.

Evidently, the Tesla and Space X founder has captured the admiration of many people across the globe.

As for 8th place?

The prominent figure of Buddhism, the eighty-five-year-old Dalai Lama, came 8th, beating other prominent religious figures such as Pope Francis.

In 7th place...

We have Jack Ma. The Chinese businessman is the co-founder of Alibaba Group, and is the crucial component of an "open and market-driven economy."

Cristiano Ronaldo came in 6th place.

Of course, the A-List footballer has been the inspiration for many young children far and wide - as well as his illustrious career in football, he's also an active member of numerous charities including Save the Children, Unicef and World Vision.

And for the 5th most admired man in the world...

The one and only Martial Arts master, Jackie Chan. As well as his work in film, Chan has also been behind the camera and worked on numerous other projects that have earned him multiple awards.

In 4th place...

We have Narendra Modi, the 14th and current Prime Minister of India. The politician has been leading the country since 2014 and, though he has been branded as "controversial", he quite evidently has a large fanbase.

Xi Jinping came 3rd.

The prominent leader of the Communist Party in China has been in charge of the country since 2013.

And, as stated earlier...

In 2nd place, we have Bill Gates. The software developer and philanthropist was a worthy contender, and this year marks his first time out of the number one spot.

Because, as you all know, former POTUS, Barack Obama, took the winning spot.

Obama topped the global list in twenty-two of the forty-two countries and territories surveyed, including the USA.

President Trump's ranking, on the other hand?

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Well, he didn't fare too well, coming in as the fifteenth most admired in the world.

He only ranks ahead of Obama in one country: Russia.

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And Obama clearly wants to keep it that way, after taking a bullhorn to the streets for Biden.

Joe Biden's campaign has pulled out the big guns before the election, with Obama getting in on the action.

On Wednesday, the former president was campaigning for Biden and Harris in Philly.

It started out as a panel discussion with black male leaders in the city and slowly ended up on the streets...

Where a crowd of volunteers listened to Obama talk through a bullhorn.

He showed that to really connect to the people...

You have to speak person-to-person for voters to truly understand the cause.

Obama then got on a podium and blasted Trump's failure to control COVID-19.

Obama said rather than tweeting at the TV, Trump should've taken action... and just like everything else he inherited, Trump screwed up the economy.

He said people can be inspired by their efforts and see the change they make...

He also told them that all this isn't just about getting a new president but gaining control of the Senate too.

It was all quite a throwback to his 2008 days.

I mean, I'm all for it. Keep scrolling for more on the election...