Barber Suddenly Starts To Shave His Own Hair in Support of Man With Cancer

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One barber has warmed the internet’s hearts today with a beautiful gesture towards his colleague undergoing cancer treatment.

The TikTok video has left many feeling very emotional…

As a result of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working.

They instead mutate, forming new, abnormal cells.

The goal of treatment is to kill as many cancerous cells as possible, all the while avoiding any damage to the normal and healthy cells nearby.

The most common treatment, chemotherapy, acts as a “poison” and kills off the abnormal cells. However, it can often kill normal cells, too, which makes people incredibly ill, resulting in hair loss, weight loss, and general sickness.

It isn’t a cure… And we are yet to discover one.

And the numbers of those being diagnosed with the illness keep on rising every year.

Many end up losing their lives.

It’s simply devastating.

Medical researchers have been working hard for decades to find a cure for the illness and, though they haven’t found one officially, they have come up with many alternative methods to combat the disease.

But one heartwarming story has broken the internet this week.

One friend’s show of solidarity is enough to restore our faith in humanity.

Neftali Martin was having his head shaved in preparation for his own cancer treatment.

via TikTok

He was looking visibly shaken as he said goodbye to his hair in Alicante, Spain.

But then the barber did something amazing.

via TikTok

Turning the clippers on himself.

Watch the heartwarming video here …

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