Barber Gives Man the Worst Haircut of All Time — and Now It’s Gone Viral

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Have you ever left a hair salon not quite happy with your hair? Maybe it was lopsided or way too short, but I guarantee it wasn’t as bad as this guys experience.

Because this guy’s barber gave him the play button icon.

I keep wondering how this mistake could have happened. Don’t you give your hairdresser very specific instructions and argue with them until you’re sure they know what they’re doing? No? Just me?

Everyone was also confused about the size difference between the two play buttons in the above image. To clarify, the one on the right shows the paused video that the client showed to his barber while the one on the left is, well, the aftermath.

But whatever happened, the incident surely made for some good jokes. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few days we get to see a new meme in action.

Here’s what happened, according to Daily Mail.

While waiting for his turn at the salon, he found a video of the haircut that he would like.

So he paused the video at the exact moment where the haircut was fully visible.

He then showed the screen to his barber. Unfortunately, the barber somehow got the idea that he wanted the play button icon shaved into his head.

The client hadn’t realized that the icon was showing on the screen.

So he walked out of the salon that day with two large play button-shaped bald triangles on his head.

But don’t rush to judge either one of them.

The hairdresser was confused too, when he got the unusual request. Daily Mail says he even made sure the customer wanted to keep the triangle before cutting.

The guy misunderstood what he had been asked.

He didn’t realize the barber was talking about keeping the play button. So he just said yes.

And he got a truly unique haircut.

See, the barber thought it’s just another one of those weird millennial trends and just went with it. Now the guy’s got a play button on each side of his head.

Luckily, the client has a good sense of humor.

Instead of making a scene, he found the whole situation hilarious. According to Daily Mail, he went back home and posted an update online: “There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.”

He also included a video.

In the video, he is “satisfied with his new look and strutting across a room,” says Daily Mail.

The owner of the social media account is known as “Tian Xiu Bot.”

He commented on the video, saying that the guy “seemed to have been more confident after the haircut.”

The incident happened just before the new year.

Tian Xiu Bot uploaded the post on China’s version of Twitter, on 30 December. As one reader said, “2019 is going to be great.”

The post went viral in China and everywhere else.

Daily Mail says the post already has over 20,ooo comments, 78,000 likes, and 22,000 shares.

But the best part about this misfortune is people’s reactions to it and the jokes that it has inspired.

The majority of them praised the haircut and thought it actually looked great. Not really an accident. Here are the best comments people have left.

Alle-Sante Cajander: “Finally, a haircut for players!”

Lindie Ladybird: “I don’t usually laugh at another person’s misfortune. But this cracked me up. I’m ripped for days!” Melissa A Rudess: “I think it’s cool! Very unique and different.”

Kenneth Galvez: “At least it’s not the buffering that the barber saw.”

Gary Loughnane: “Meh, style it out, mate. At least it’s different.” Badgrandma: “I think the play button is a brilliant idea. It will show his boss where to apply significant pressure to get him to do anything sensible.”

Some people have even had similar experiences.

Lulu Lawrie: “This reminded me of [my friend’s] Mum tapping [her] actual head rather than the screen.”

Someone has tried a holiday-inspired cut.

Jess Duncan: “Well, I said to my little boy’s barber as a joke ‘Can you cut him a Christmas tree’ just before Christmas and it was more of a joke but he actually did. Didn’t look bad at all, and today we got it back to normal.”

But the best ones came from the most confused ones.

Louis Wepa Diaz referred to the realistic cut: “Who else pressed the play button?!” Brooke Manuel: “This is probably why I never made it in the hair industry. Took me a while to figure out what was wrong here.”

Betty Matson: “How could he let the guy shave his head without noticing what he was doing?”

“Silver, Gold, or Diamond play button?” Cyr Alvin said, referring to the awards that YouTube gives YouTubers with a considerable number of subscribers. This actually was my first thought when I saw it: the guy must be a YouTuber and just wanted to celebrate his new achievement. I know if I ever get a Grammy, I would definitely, definitely cut that into my hair.

Adnan Abdullah: “Can I tap that guy’s head… to activate it?”

Emese Virágh: “Idk my hairdresser always asks me before she does anything, she asks if the length is right, you know, like a good hairdresser?”

Ybeltrand Salgado: “How you can be this slow in life I can’t.”

Clarence Leitão: “I can’t think of anything to comment so I’m just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe. 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour…”

Poy Castillo: “That barber indeed had one job!”

Dah Ling: “And it’s not even well done because the cut in button looks different.” Kelly Maddocks: “Nice haircut. Fair ‘play.'”

Mohamed Rak: “Good start to the year already.”

Youssef Kanj: “Illuminati confirmed.” Sarah Lawes: “Someone was HIGH!”

Selma Cipher: “When a software developer turned into a hairdresser.”

Bryan Butler: “Barber (in his head): ‘Nailed it!'” Claire Victoria: “Hilarious! A lot of men could do with a pause button.”

Thirdy Bobiles: “Haircut for YouTubers.”

Zack Zifron: “Better than love triangle.” Gazi Damn: “YouTube barbers.”

Gina Sernas-Padilla Carlos: “Play button… I thought it was a Doritos chip.”

Hugo Nascimento Andrade: “Barber: say no more!” Derrick Williams: “Ready player one.”

Abinash Sahoo: “Monday motivation.”

Alejandro Garcés: “Since then the guy technically has become a Player! He should thank the barber!”

Gmatic Christopher: “I’d choke my barber if he did this fuckery.”

Antoinette Chirillo: “A bit like the time I got my hair cut in China.”

One guy was a hairdresser too, so he explained the barber’s no-questions-asked attitude towards the unusual haircut request.

“Yup, I always ask my customers, ‘Is this what you want?’ And if they say yes, then I start cutting, regardless if i think its ridiculous or not.”

William Balthazar: “When your boyfriend plays too much.”

Mohamed A. Wahab: “At least it will grow back in a week. He should be thankful he wasn’t in a tattoo salon…”

So this is how our future generations will remember us.

Daria B: “I know I’m weird, but I actually like the way it looks. It’s like the futurism (art movement in the era of avant-garde) of the 21st century.”