‘Barbie Fanatic’ Spent More Than $28,000 To Make Herself Look Like the Doll

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Growing up I was a tomboy, but I still had my own collection of Barbie dolls that I would dress and put into various situations that often involved getting their hair chopped off or going swimming in a muddy puddle.

Never at any point in time did I ever aspire to actually be the doll, mostly because I knew that Barbie was just that — a doll.

Evans told The Daily Mail she began undergoing the major physical transformations after one of her identical twin sons died at birth. On top of that, the relationship with her partner at the time was deteriorating and as a result, the single mom sank into a deep depression and suffered from an eating disorder.    

“I wanted rid of my black Gothic hair so I decided to cut it off and bleach it,” Evans continued. “Because I was skinny, some people called me Barbie. So I decided to embrace it, knowing it would make me a happier person inside and out.”    

And because that wasn’t enough, she spent thousands on plastic surgery to take her Barbie obsession to the next level, first starting with Botox. “It was like ironing out a shirt to erase the creases,” she said. “After that I noticed other wrinkles I hadn’t noticed before, so I got more and more done.” “I gradually increased the face treatments and started having fillers in my cheeks and lips,” she added. “By my early 40s I was having non-surgical facelifts on top of all the other treatments to maintain my youthful look.”  

Evans said she came to like the “frozen look” because she “didn’t want my face to show sadness anymore.” “I feel like Barbie, I think like Barbie and I am Barbie,” she explained. “I think me and Barbie are the same person. I am a human doll.” And as for finding a real-life Ken to complement her Barbie, the single mom says she’s open to all the options she’s been presented with over the past few years.  

“They seem to like my youthful body and my mature but fun nature,” she added. “In fact, younger guys appreciate me more than men my own age.”    

“My Barbie alter ego feels completely authentic to me,” she said. “Some people might think because I look fake that I am fake as a person. But my friends know I have brains, so it doesn’t bother me one bit.” “Now I’m spreading good vibes and never want to go back to the old me,” she added. “I ‘buried’ that dark gothic sad person a long time ago. It’s like I’ve been re-born — from darkness to light.”