It's a sad but true fact that most women out there can relate to the feeling of being uncomfortable and even a little frightened on a date. When meeting someone for the first time, it can be really difficult to know which way things are going to go. Sure, you might meet the love of your life - but you also might end up in a really scary situation and not be quite sure how to get out of it.

Well, one bartender has recently gone viral for his ingenious solution to help women who feel threatened on first dates in bars and restaurants. He revealed that for women, there's a subtle but effective way to signal they're feeling uncomfortable or in danger and that staff at the bar can help out.

In @BenjiSpears' viral TikTok video, he reenacts a situation where he's working behind a bar and spots a date he suspects might not be going so well. He then approached the table to offer water, and the woman ordered an "angel shot with lime."

He then goes on to explain, "Angel shots are becoming more common and more known throughout all bars and it's being brought to bartenders' attention. Ok, so an angel shot is key, it can save you or your best friend's life and it's something we should all know about. So there are three ways you can order the angel shot, you can do the angel shot with lime. Ok, so angel shot with lime when you order it, it means you need the police so the bartender will notify a manager and we'll get the police involved for you. Second, you can order an angel shot neat, that means you need someone to walk you to your car, a bartender or security, someone needs to walk you to your car because you don't feel safe."

The final option is an "angel shot on the rocks," which signifies you want the bar staff to call you a taxi and get you out of the venue. "I think this is a great learning lesson. Everyone should know about the angel shot. It's just a great way to make sure that we all feel safe."

The video has received a lot of attention, with over 2 million likes at the time of writing. Many have left positive comments on the video, too.

"An angel shot with lime actually did save my life," wrote one. "Thank you for posting this!" Another agreed, adding, "I'm in favor of more bartenders knowing this, and putting posters explaining the code in ladies' bathrooms."

"And if they don't know what it means, say, 'let me show you on my phone,' and write down that you need help in your notes to show them," a third added.

Stay safe out there, girls and guys!