Bartender Reveals How She’s Treated Differently Since Gaining Weight

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A woman has recently revealed how her appearance and weight gain has impacted her job as a bartender.

Cassidy Lane, also known by her TikTok username @body_positive_bartender, described her experiences while serving customers when she was “slimmer” versus when she put on weight throughout the pandemic.

Responding to a TikTok video about “pretty privilege,” Lane said, “So I work in the service industry, right, I’m a bartender, and if you were unaware, the way you look influences it a lot, whether that’s tips or how people treat you, it just does.”

She then became tearful as she continued, “I really didn’t expect this to make me cry but people don’t even look you in the eye anymore. They’re not nice to you especially men.”

The twenty-eight-year-old started explaining how she used to walk up to customers and exchange pleasantries and they would be extremely responsive and make conversation with her, but after her weight gain, she noticed that they weren’t being as nice. Instead, they just relay their order and almost dismiss her.

Lane continued, through tears, “And for the people that are saying that this doesn’t happen, please raise your hand if you’d willingly want to live as a fat person? And the fact that no one raises their hand makes the point.”

She then goes onto question her worth, asking if she’s ever going to be worth more than her looks.

The saddest part of watching that video is knowing everything this young woman is talking about is 100 percent true. “Pretty privilege” or “skinny privilege” is a real thing and you don’t have to have worked in a bar or served customers to know it. Hundreds of comments rolled in, some offering their support to Lane while others re-called moments in their life where they’d experienced similar things.

Since uploading the video, it has been viewed over 5 million times. And this is not the first time Lane has spread awareness of the need for body positivity, as she frequently posts on Instagram about the importance of self-acceptance.

You go girl, you got this!