One TikTok has sparked a fierce debate ...

​We all know the stereotype ...

And to some, it's the biggest insult out there ...

Being "basic" is a pretty well-known trope.

And it's an adjective usually applied to white girls.

There are a few typical values that are labeled as basic.

Like a love of Ugg boots and needlessly complicated Starbucks orders.

In some ways, it's ripe for parody.

But according to some, the term is actually offensive.

One mom, Sharlie Darling, caught some serious flack this week ...

After she dressed up her daughter as a "basic white girl."

Her kids' school was hosting a "culture day."

But Sharlie couldn't think of a "dominant culture" in her lineage, and instead opted to go for a "basic white girl" costume.

Maddie was dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, and holding a Starbucks cup.

She'd meant it as a joke, explaining "white girls stereotypically like Starbucks and dress like that."

"It went over really well with the younger teachers," she insisted.

The costume also had the benefit of ease. "I wasn't going to go out and buy her a costume. What was I expected to do? Go out, buy a gown and call her the Queen of England?"

"She's already dramatic, I don't need to put that on her too."

"I had told her to say she was dressed like mummy for the day."

Reactions to the costume were mixed.

With some praising Darling for avoiding cultural appropriation.

Some praised Darling's attention to detail.

"The Uggs, the Starbucks, the messy bun, the scarf, the striped tee. You didn't miss."

"As a teacher, this would have disrupted my class because I'd have been gut laughing the entire day about it," another commenter said.

"She would have gotten an A for the day," another teacher agreed.

Others were not so kind.


With some criticising Darling for her choice of costume.

"I mean, for the past 50 years we've had 'melting pot' shoved down our throats."

"White people did have culture before other white people burned it up," another wrote.

Darling explained her controversial decision.

"There aren't really any dominant historical cultures in my family, except for American culture."

"So I just figured I'd dress her up like me. And I happen to be a basic b*tch."

"That's the culture she's being raised in - coffee, leggings and Starbucks."

Honestly, we're kind of with Sharlie.

This sounds like a pretty weird assignment and sticking to a culture that's her own was possibly the best move ...

We can't see a better option or one that would have caused less upset ...

Can you?

Take a look at the controversial video right here ...


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We kind of love this costume idea.

What do you think of this costume idea?

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