Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Want to Do Your Business Elsewhere

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When you go to the bathroom, you want it to be a comfortable experience. Ideally, you would love a super fancy bathroom with a heated toilet seat, luxuriously soft toilet paper, a perfectly flowing sink with water of exactly the right temperature, and a new, soft towel to dry your hands. That is the ideal. But most of us will settle for less. I mean, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

All we ask is that the bathroom we use is not disgusting, not weirdly confusing, and most importantly of all, private. Somehow, the bathrooms in this gallery fail on all those points. They are true tragedies of the design world. These bathrooms should straight-up not be allowed to exist. I did not think it was that hard to design a bathroom that is, at the very least, functional and acceptable to use. But apparently, I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

This is the face you will be making when you see these pics:

I feel like I have to apologize. This list of pictures of terrible bathrooms might scar you for life. It has definitely scarred me.

Translucent stall doors

Um, who decided this was OK? They put the first door on, looked at it, and was like, “Yep! Nothing wrong about that.”


“I’d give your performance am 8/10. Pretty solid all the way though, but you lost points on the dismount.”

Terrifying toddler

This is otherworldly. This legit looks like a still from a horror movie, one so scary that it would become the poster.

Wheelchair inaccessible

Sure, this is wheelchair accessible! …If your wheelchair can roll up a step, that is.

Crowded stall

I have so many questions. Chief among them are: Who? What? Why? Nooooo! OK, that last one wasn’t a question, but I couldn’t help myself.

Classroom bathroom

If this was my classroom, I would never go to the bathroom. Even little kids deserve privacy. My goodness.

Complicated sink

What is going on here? There are so many spouts! And the faucet handles are going up the wall! What is happening?!

Hidden toilet paper

Oh, you want to wipe when you’re on the toilet? Maybe you should have made that clear before I put the toilet paper near the sink.

Bad paint job

I’m not going to say what this paint job looks like, but let’s just say… It’s poop. This looks 100 percent like poop.

Tilted tiles

I couldn’t even imagine walking into this place while sober! Just the picture is totally freaking me out.

Cutting corners

What, did they run out of metal or something? What reason could they possibly have for this half-door?

Carpeted bathroom

This might be the most disturbing picture in the whole gallery. I cannot even fathom having to use this bathroom.

Trick seat

Wow, no thank you. Whoever designed this toilet seat missed the number one trait we need in toilet seats: dryness.

Weird wall

Yes, this toilet is actually jutting out of the wall to the point where they had to carve the door. Incredible.

Skinny toilet

I don’t know of any person who is built to use this toilet. Maybe if you’re a banana in need of a wee, this toilet would work for you.

Tiny sink

Unless this sink is in a bathroom on a plane, there is no excuse for a sink this small. It’s for a baby!

Outside toilet paper

Not only is this toilet paper super far away, but it’s actually outside of the stall! This makes the least amount of sense something can make.

Terror in the bathroom

So much is wrong with this. The red tiles… Why? It looks like a literal blood bath. And then the toilets are right next to each other with no partition!

Infinity mirror

I don’t want to watch myself use the toilet once, let alone a million times. This is a big no thank you.

Invisible switch

This is hilarious. This is basically saying, “Screw you, we’re never cleaning this bathroom.”

Smooth and creamy

All they had to do was choose another ice cream. Make it strawberry! A pink stream wouldn’t have spurred any correlation.

Very specific toilet

If you are a disabled, elderly, pregnant child, boy oh boy have I got the bathroom for you!


They think it’s a secret, but we all know it’s every man’s dream to pee at a urinal while a giant rendering Jeremy Renner stares straight at their junk.


Someone installed the door to the classroom in the bathroom instead. And now you can look straight at someone while they’re peeing.

Sink slide

All they had to do was…not install a slide from the sink to the toilet! Then, if the toothbrush fell off the sink, it would only land on the floor.

Too close for comfort

Those urinals are mighty close. I guess it would be useful for conjoined twins who have to go to the bathroom at the same time.


Why?! It’s not like there isn’t room on that back wall for a urinal! I don’t think anyone will want to use that middle one.

Guitar Pee

This urinal plays actual notes when you pee on the different strings. Whoever designed that is the most dude-like dude in the world.


King’s Restaurant did not think about how this looks! Share this with someone who needs to witness the horror!